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Clay Paky B-EYEs go to the Rodeo for Concert Series

Clay Paky B-EYEs go to the Rodeo for Concert Series
Clay Paky B-EYEs go to the Rodeo for Concert Series

USA – When LD Systems’ lighting designer John Dickson lit the entertainers at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo at Reliant Park this year he took 28 Clay Paky A.leda B-EYE K20 LED-based moving lights along for the wild ride.

The Houston Rodeo took place over a 20-day period, March 4-23, and featured performances by major country and pop touring artists, including Brad Paisley, Usher, Keith Urban, Maroon 5, Luke Bryan, Reba, REO Speedwagon and Blake Shelton. Shows sold out and audiences of 50,000-60,000 were the norm.

Once the day and evening rodeo events were completed and the concerts were set to begin a stage rolled to the center of the stadium and a lighting rig dropped down over it. "It was a full-blown rodeo each day, followed by a unique performance from 1 of 20 different artists" says Dickson. "Every day at about noon we (myself, Nathan Brittain, and Jim Brace) met with the artist’s LD, and spent 4 – 5 hours programming the show on our two grandMA2s with two NPUs."

Dickson was introduced to the B-EYE fixtures at LDI, and it was love at first sight. For the rodeo concerts he had 14 B-EYEs positioned on either side of the perimeter where they were used for standard wash lights, beam effects, and on occasion, pixel mapping. "We used Hippos to drive a ton of video content," Dickson explains. "We wanted the B-EYEs to mimic the video. Clay Paky and A.C.T helped write software to enable us to pixel map and still have the shaper macros for the light."

The lighting designer notes that the B-EYEs "really held their own" in the rodeo’s stadium environment. "We had a lot of video and other light sources but they really stood out. We love them!"

The LD Systems lighting team included Rob Mckinley (principal/project lead), Jim Brace (lighting designer/director, John Dickson (lighting designer/main stage programmer/operator, Nathan Brittain (assistant designer/perimeter programmer/operator, Brian Stephenson (lighting tech), Bobby Dominguez (lighting tech) and Will Anglin (lighting tech).

Francesco Romagnoli, Clay Paky Area Manager for North and Latin America, commented: "This is a very impressive undertaking and we’re glad the B-EYEs are able to be a part of it. It was great to work with the LD Systems team on this project."

23rd May 2014

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