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DAP CX amplifiers from DAP Audio

DAP CX amplifiers from DAP Audio

The Netherlands – With the new DAP CX amplifiers it's clear that DAP knows what its customers want: the Palladium series was an unprecedented success. Over 50,000 Palladiums have found their way to various stages. DAP have now introduced an entry-level amplifier series one step below the Palladium series: the new CX amplifier series. These affordable, compact amplifiers offer a wide range of features.

The ON/OFF switch is located at the front of the amplifier, as well as two volume controls and a number of LED indicators. As soon as the power switch has been flipped, the amplifier will switch on with a Soft Start mechanism to suppress the inrush current. The indicator LEDs near the volume controls indicate the input of a signal (green), the operation of the built-in limiter (orange) or whether a portion of the amplifier has been switched off as a protective measure (red). Behind this simple interface, however, you will find a highly advanced amplifier.

To protect the amplifier and the speakers, the CX series has been equipped with an extensive number of security devices. The clip limiter will switch on automatically as soon as an input signal has exceeded a specific level to prevent the distorted signal from damaging the equipment. The forced ventilation system will keep the temperature within pre-set limits, even when the equipment has been switched on full-power for an extended period of time. The variable fan speed ensures that as little noise will be produced as possible. Should the temperature inadvertently rise, the overheat protection system will switch on automatically.

The CX series is also protected against short circuits, both internally and in the cables or speakers. The automatic circuit breaker eliminates any need to replace fuses; the amplifier will be ready to use again at the touch of a button.

The CX amplifier series is powered by a transformer. The advantages include a rich sound and outstanding bass. The signal enters the system through balanced XLR inputs and the system can also be daisy-chained using XLR inputs/outputs. To ensure a reliable connection to the speakers, the CX series uses Speakon connectors.

The solid casing is as compact as possible, allowing the amplifier to be easily set up in small spaces. The installation depth of the CX-500 - CX-2100 models is 256 mm, and 323 mm for the CX-3000 model. The weight has also been kept to a minimum to accommodate mobile users.

22nd May 2014

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