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Doughty Engineering operates within the NHS

Doughty Engineering operates within the NHS
Doughty Engineering operates within the NHS

UK - Lighting designer Philip Lyons is always on the lookout for new products that are well designed and premium engineered. So when he was appointed to update the Medical Illustration Departments, which provide images for use in treating patients, teaching and for publication, of two major hospitals in Bristol and London, he had no hesitation in specifying a full range of studio equipment from Doughty Engineering to help him fulfil his brief.

Lyons said: “Both St Thomas’ Hospital in London and North Bristol Hospital have existing departments which were out-dated and needed to be brought up to health and safety standards. Relocation to new premises offered the opportunity to design photographic and video studios to meet the clients’ needs both now and in the years ahead, to future-proof the investment.”

Using a range of Doughty rails and pantographs, Lyons devised a solution that received the seal of approval from his clients. “The design was influenced by my experience of knowing what is possible in certain spaces and understanding the engineering required to install in different types of rooms, ceiling and finishes.”

He continued: “I wouldn’t consider working with anyone other than Doughty on a job like this. Their customer service is second to none and it takes only a phone call to get modifications made in order to provide a totally bespoke solution.”

Lyons certainly rates Doughty’s ability to respond to a challenge. When a new piece of equipment was needed, Doughty quickly fabricated a prototype. Doughty design engineer Mark Chorley said: “In an industry like this we have to be proactive. There are constant design challenges for lighting designers, so it’s vital that they have a partner who is able to treat such challenges as all in a day’s work. If we can do this for our customers then it’s a win-win situation for everyone.”

Lyons concluded: “My clients are more than satisfied with their end product, which provides many years of return on investment and makes their lives easier. Each and every item supplied by Doughty is superb. Add to that their excellent customer service and you have a winning combination.”

photos: Lyons Photography

15th May 2014

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