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High End Systems is now shipping HedgeHog 4 Network and RackHog 4

With the addition of these two consoles, the Hog 4 range is the most expansive line available and now has options to suit all applications and budgets. All consoles utilise the same software and all run on Linux. Show files are compatible across the whole range, and users are easily able to move between one console and another due to Hog's unique layout, which is similar across all consoles.

HedgeHog 4 Network makes for an incredibly powerful, yet compact package allowing it to be networked with all of the larger Hogs as well as the ability to use DP 8000s. The HedgeHog4 Network will be equally at home, running small to medium-size shows, as well as being a backup or a dimmer city console for large shows.

RackHog 4 is a Hog in a box! RackHog 4 has all the power of a HOG 4 console condensed into a 3u rack mount unit, making it the ideal solution for fixed-install applications such as cruise ships, theme parks, and architectural installations. RackHog 4 is also perfectly suited to operate as a backup to any Hog4 family console.

"These two additions to the Hog 4 line now offer our customers the most complete set of lighting consoles available," says Chris Ferrante, director of product management. Furthermore, v2.2 has just been released, which adds scale masters and playback filtering, as well as the imminent release of reporting and further development of our already advanced Media Integration functionality. We are looking forward to adding even more feature sets this year, including pixel mapping and plot view."

9th May 2014

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