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Only the best will do for new CRC Mega Church

Only the best will do for new CRC Mega Church
Only the best will do for new CRC Mega Church

South Africa - Pretoria has recently seen the construction of one of South Africa’s largest churches. The recently constructed 6500-seater addition to the international CRC Christian Churches has set a new standard in Worship Houses and boasts a number of DiGiCo consoles.

The team of professionals and consultants tasked by Pastor AT Boshoff to ensure that the church was supplied and equipped with only the best on offer spent their time ensuring they did not disappoint.

When it came down to which consoles to use, the church turned to the trusted advice of an engineer in the US, Armando Fullwood of Waves. His console of recommendation for what the Church wanted to achieve was DiGiCo.

Local distributor Tadco supplied and installed an SD Ten at front of house, an SD8 for monitors and a further SD8 for the broadcast studio, which broadcasts live to the many other CRC Churches around the world. "DiGiCo’s intuitive layout made training the Churches students and Volunteers a breeze," says Tadco’s Perry Elias.

Henry Underhay, the church’s head of audio, was extremely impressed with the systems. "The versatility of these consoles is a real benefit for me," he says. "I come from a live rock music background, where things need to happen creatively on the fly and being able to setup the mixer in the most comfortable layout for an engineer has brought me tremendous joy. Everything you feel that you may require can literally be at your fingertips once you have done the initial setup.

"The setup itself is also very logical and easy to get around. Often things can change at the last second and there’s no time to do another sound check. The fact that you can access settings for, let's say, a vocal channel from a previous show into your current show has also been a real blessing.

"The sound of these consoles is sonically very transparent with very little (if any) unwanted colouration. This allows for a beautiful and responsive mix. In other words when you make a change to anything, the results are what you expect them to be.

"Like most live sound engineers, I tend to be quite paranoid even in the safest situations. The guys at DiGiCo seem to know this and all the failsafes, like redundant power supplies or seperate reset capabilities of the processing and audio units, has really put me at ease. I need to mention though that I have not yet had to use any of these measures; it's just nice to know they're there."

21st May 2014

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