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POLARaudio – Growing, Restructuring and Recruiting

UK - POLARaudio has responded in typically decisive fashion to the fresh demands placed upon the company by the recent acquisition of new exclusive brands. In particular, LOUD Technologies' brands Mackie and Ampeg have significantly increased volumes in the MI side of the business. In anticipation of this increased traffic, POLARaudio moved swiftly towards an internal restructuring that could more efficiently accommodate the fast-growing nature of the company.

The creation of two distinct divisions within the business, one for MI customers and one for installation customers along the lines of an approximate 50/50 split, allows the company to more specifically focus the talents of its staff in their areas of expertise. Whilst the two divisions run in parallel under the same roof, the structures of the system do not preclude some overlapping of skills. Teamwork remains the foundation of every process at POLARaudio but the careful focusing of individual talents, given the speed of recent growth needed to be more clearly defined.

As well as designating roles within the divisions for existing staff, the company has also been quick to add new faces in each area to deepen the talent pool. Equally as important has been the additional recruitment of more behind-the-scenes support staff. The service department now supports two full-time engineers under a head of department and customer services has taken on three new members of staff.

Managing director John Midgley views the re-structuring as a statement of POLARaudio's position as a growing, progressive organisation: "These are without doubt very exciting times for the company but we can't afford to fall victim to the hubris that sometimes overtakes fast-moving situations. The customer sits at the heart of everything we try to achieve and so we have to be pro-active and ahead of the game at all times to make sure that we deliver the best possible service. This internal restructure employs the skill-sets of our team in more specific ways, in order that their talents are channeled yet more effectively towards successful customer outcomes. In harness with our reinforced back-room staff and recent developments including our now top-flight website, we feel that we are in a position to respond with confidence to the extra demands placed upon us by the acquisition of important new brands."

POLARaudio is moving smoothly through a period of sustained growth, expanding its team in direct proportion to its impressive portfolio of brands. A dynamic, constantly evolving approach supported by a vast knowledge and wide skills base, sees POLARaudio gain yet more traction as a market leader.

22nd May 2014

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