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PRG and PRG Nocturne on Tour with Steel Panther

PRG and PRG Nocturne on Tour with Steel Panther
PRG and PRG Nocturne on Tour with Steel Panther

Michael Starr, Satchel, Lexxi Foxx and Stix Zadinia, collectively known as Steel Panther, launched their new album with a bang as they kicked it off with a sold out European tour, March 2014. The success of the spandex-clad 80's rockers continues to soar, they are now currently touring in the US. PRG supported them along the way.

Production manager Gary Crosniak and lighting designer Ali Pike toured through mainland Europe with a PRG supplied floor package of GLP X4s and RZ 120s. This grew into a full-scale production with a full lighting rig and complete video and camera system as they hit the UK on their S.T.D world tour, with award winning video director Chris Keating joining them for the ride.

“PRG came to play when I needed them the most,” comments Gary, “they put together an affordable package that we dragged through the all of Europe, that looked amazing when added to the house rigs. When we arrived in the UK we added an arena level look with PRG supplying a crew that achieved the look we where after daily.”

PRG’s lighting package comprised of lighting trusses and towers utilising VL2500 spots, Atomic 3kW strobes, Expolite Tourled’s 42cm, 2kW Fresnels as well as additional RZ120s and GLP X4s. Account manger for PRG Roy Hunt took care of the lighting part of the package for Ali. “I had used the X4s on the Australian leg of the tour last year,” Ali explains, “so was pleased that PRG could provide the same fixture. They have a nice beam, great for the big 'fingers of rock' looks (which is most of the show) and are nice and budget friendly too. Roy helped us out all the way through a multitude of kit tweaks and amendments, until we settled on a package that worked for everybody.”

In alliance with PRG Nocturne a video package was also supplied. Nocturne’s account director, Stefaan Michels, worked closely with Chris Keating to provide a number of video products fitting the band’s style and needs of the tour. Chris has been involved in the band’s video production for years: “I have been working with the guys for a while now, both as video director and visual designer and have worked closely with the band to see their ideas come together. We were in Australia just before Christmas and now back in the UK again, with the band having completed a successful run in Europe, Russia, etc.”

Chris explains: “We are effectively doing an arena size video package in relatively small venues. It's a big video show with lots of looks that work really well with the band's music and energy.”

The 8m x 4m screen was made up of V18 LED, which was fitting for the job. It is purpose-designed for fast deployment, which is a demand for any tour. The efficient installation and disassembly the PRG Nocturne product is quite remarkable, using industrial magnets individual modules can be quickly and easily removed without the need for tools.

Along with the production that was put in prior to the tour Chris was very pleased working with PRG Nocturne: “I must also say a big thanks to Stefaan Michels and the guys a PRG Nocturne UK for all their assistance in the pre-production of the UK tour dates, their help on a number of levels made it very easy for us once we got going.”

Ali also mentions the benefit of the pre-production: “Due to the magnitude of PRG/Nocturne's warehouse, they were also able to provide me with a day in front of our video wall to ensure all content mapped correctly, much to the amusement of the warehouse staff – It's not every day they see 4m high, semi-naked women…”

Other video products included PRG Nocturne’s Grassvalley 2ME Kayak flypack with LDK6000 Worldcams, three Panasonic HD Robocams and five Sony XC-555 Lipstick cameras. The media content came from a HD Catalyst system at FOH.

The team of people, from crew to management made a great atmosphere on tour. The lighting crew consisted of James ‘Jam’ Such and Matt Bright and the video crew, Briony Margetts, Noel Wyatt and Stevie Marr. Ian Phillips was PRG’s project manager for the tour.

Photos: Scott Davies

9th May 2014

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