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Quality and Economy with Elation TVL Series of White Light LED at Bavarian Academy of Music

Quality and Economy with Elation TVL Series of White Light LED at Bavarian Academy of Music
Quality and Economy with Elation TVL Series of White Light LED at Bavarian Academy of Music

Germany - The Richard Wengenmeier Hall at the Bavarian Academy of Music in Marktoberdorf, Germany, recently replaced its outdated tungsten lighting system with a new lighting rig of Elation Professional TVL Series white light LED luminaires and the benefits have been exceptional as well as economic.

The Bavarian Academy of Music (Bayerische Musikakademie) is part of the Bavarian Music Council (Bayerischer Musikrat), which represents and supports musicians and musical activities across Bavaria.

The main purpose of the new lighting is to provide the Hall’s orchestra with smooth even white light illumination with a requirement that all luminaires be noiseless to avoid interfering with the artists.

In fall 2013, Benjamin Sonderwald of Pro Lighting E.K. of Aschheim, near Munich, was contacted by Johann Schmid, lighting technician at the Bavarian Music Council. “He was looking for a good solution to replace their existing tungsten system with LED lighting,” Sonderwald explains. “Since I am a lighting professional and know the requirements of a lighting system on a big stage, I immediately thought of Elation luminaires.”

Sonderwald then worked together with Elation lighting expert Harry de Lon on a lighting concept for the Hall, a design that was eventually chosen from several other proposals. The concept included 20 Elation TVL 3000 II DW and 8 Elation TVL F1WW white light luminaires for the Hall’s 11-meter wide stage, which is used for a variety of training and live performances from solo concerts to large-scale symphonic orchestras up to 100 musicians.

After testing of the Elation equipment, venue technicians and Pro Lighting came to the conclusion that the TVL 3000 II DW was the right choice to give the desired white look on the orchestra. The TVL 3000 fixtures, positioned in rows above the stage, feature 12 warm white and 12 cool white LEDs along with adjustable barn doors and draw a low 72W of power. The 100W TVL F1WW LED Fresnels project evenly balanced warm white light from positions at the front of the orchestra. Their 12-40° zoom range works optimally from that position and their thermo-optical cooling technology keeps them from overheating without making a sound. Also barn door equipped, max power consumption is only 141W.

“Apart from the clear requirement to achieve better illumination of the stage, the lights had to be completely silent because the microphones used to record the performances are mounted on the ceiling next to the fixtures,” explains Benjamin Sonderwald. “It was also important to achieve a good illumination of the stage from above because the musicians need that in order to read their notes. The space over the stage was very confined so the only solution was the TVL 3000.”

The TVL’s adjustable colour temperature has turned out to be popular and everyone is happy to be rid of the yellow tungsten look. A shade between tungsten and daylight is reportedly the preferred choice. And because the backstage wall can open up to reveal a wall of windows, with amphitheatre seating behind, the new lighting system has the ability to adjust with the ambient daylight.

Light quality is an all important factor when choosing a white light luminaire, but Jürgen Schwarz, CEO of the Bavarian Academy of Music in Marktoberdorf, had his eye on the bottom line as well. “Essentially the decision to go with Elation lighting was an economic one,” he says. “The Elation LED system replaces an old 24k tungsten system with a 2.5k LED system. In addition to the energy cost of lighting, you have to add the cost of removing the heat through air conditioning. Because the lighting system has to work 8 hours a day, the return on our investment from the Elation LED system will start after only one year. From that point of view alone, it was a very good investment.

“Another reason why we went with Elation is the higher quality of light. All the performances are broadcast on the Internet and of course to a live audience and look much better now because of the even, smooth light from the TVL 3000 DW. The performers also prefer the higher colour temperature. It gives a more fresh touch to everyone.”

Benjamin Sonderwald is appreciative of the good cooperation that Pro Lighting has with Elation’s European team. He comments: “I am very happy to have a partner in Elation with whom we are able to implement these types of projects at a marketable price, without having to make compromises on the quality of light compared to the past. What I particularly want to highlight is the good cooperation with Elation and the support we receive from them. You can tell that the brand is getting better known and becoming more popular and it is fun and exciting to be involved in it.” 

29th May 2014

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