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Airstar Puts on a Full Light Show at Musilac

Airstar Puts on a Full Light Show at Musilac
Airstar Puts on a Full Light Show at Musilac

France – Created in 2002 by music industry experts Rémi Perrier (RPO) and Roland Zennaro (Tremplin Production), Musilac became the biggest pop-rock festival in the Rhône-Alpes region. Organised in Aix-les-Bains, this event counted many major French and international artists in its line up, such as Phoenix, Lenny Kravitz, Franz Ferdinand, Muse, The Hives, Santana, Jamiroquai and Peter Gabriel to name a few.

For its 2014 edition (11 – 13 July) Musilac presented an explosive mixture of music styles over the two main stages: Stromae, Motörhead, London Grammar, Vanessa Paradis, Maceo Parker, Placebo, as well as Kaiser Chiefs took turns on the bank of Lake Bourget to offer a lifetime experience to 80,000 festival goers, with the Alps providing a spectacular backdrop.

For four years, the organisers have chosen Airstar solutions to provide their many requirements: Security, public and ambient lighting, VIP zones, etc. Airstar first appeared as a partner of the festival in 2010, providing lighting solutions to highlight the site and for security reasons.

Regarding the partnership with Airstar, Rémi Perrier, founder of Musilac, comments: "We are delighted to welcome Airstar for the fourth consecutive year. Their lighting solutions perfectly answer our various needs: They allow excellent visibility of the site by night and help to highlight our partners and the strategic areas. On top of that, their lighting balloons are an invaluable tool for the rescue and safety teams."

He adds: "Our constant goal is to highlight and preserve this exceptional site at the same time, and Airstar is just the perfect partner to achieve that. Not only do they offer performing lighting solutions, but their balloons also help us to create a festive and outstanding atmosphere while reducing our carbon footprint.”

Four years later, and following the investment of the Aix-les-Bains council in urban lighting, which benefits the campers during the festival, Airstar is more visible than ever.

Gautier Vissy, business manager for the Rhône Alpes region at Airstar European Network, enthuses: "Our lighting solutions were chosen to answer different challenges related to security, public lighting, and the VIP zone: Over 20 balloons from the Crystal range were deployed to light up the firemen access on the lake shores, while other Airstar balloons deal with the bar signage and public lighting in the entire site."

The lighting of Musilac’s public esplanade and pop-up shops was handled by Airstar’s security range, with three Sirocco 4kW HMI allowing a 6,000sqm surface to be lit over 360°. In order to obtain a uniform look and feel, Airstar provided white reflectors specially made to match the balloons’ envelopes. Powered by an integrated fan, the Siroccos were rigged on a tower built by Musilac’s rental stage and floated eight metres from the ground in order to get the optimum brightness and light the surface.

As far as the bar signage was concerned, the balloon manufacturer used six Crystal 130, printed with the theme of the bar and with a basis fixed to the bar structure.

A helium inflated balloon from the new rotary range Helyx floated 20 metres above the ground to guide the festival goers to the main entrance of the festival, while three cubic Crystal Diamond ventilated balloons (1.3m edge) were suspended on a structural bridge rig to facilitate ticket and security checks. Airstar was also invited to the VIP area set next to the main entrance, with ventilated Crystal Fish LED balloons (fish shaped, 1.30m x L2.60m) to symbolise the VIP entrance.

Car manufacturer Volkswagen also benefited from Airstar savoir-faire and used a five metre high Airstar Arche (80cm flange diameter) integrating wired LED blocks and printed with the name of the local car agent. The structure was flanked by two Crystal 160.

Musicians at Musilac were also able to enjoy an attractive lighting production as seven Airstar Crystal 160 balloons were arranged backstage, for the Green Rooms and the catering areas dedicated to the musicians and the technicians.

Musilac made full use of the available space, taking the light show up to the lake: two boats were moored to a dock, the first one dedicated to the rescue teams, while the other one hosted musicians who wanted to get away from the crowd and enjoy the view from the lake by night. The technical team designed a rather aquatic light show using 20 Airstar Délices Pro Rocks disseminated on the dock and echoing eight floating Délices Pro Globes.

To complete this amazing visual effect, four weighted Towair EVO Moons (respectively 1.30m and 1.80m) floated on the water surface with the Festival logo. With an integrated 180 LED RGBA light source, the whole system could be programmed by DMX to display various colour ambiances. The Towair EVO by Airstar range is made of a watertight base protecting the LEDs, and on which a number of different forms can be fitted.

Photos: Vincent Tim

Airstar Puts on a Full Light Show at MusilacAirstar Puts on a Full Light Show at Musilac

23rd July 2014

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