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Avid celebrations as DiGiGrid grows

Avid celebrations as DiGiGrid grows

UK - Users of Avid’s ProTools TDM and HDX systems can now again have all the benefits of full integration with Waves SoundGrid plug-ins, thanks to DiGiGrid’s DLS and DLI interfaces.

A result of the partnership between DiGiCo and Waves announced in 2013, DiGiGrid is an ultra-low latency audio network that combines dedicated audio interfaces with the Waves SoundGrid network. Originating with DiGiCo using SoundGrid to implement Waves plugin processing on its digital mixing consoles, it was an obvious ‘next step’ to open it up to users of different software DAWs, via the addition of hardware interfaces.

With Waves not supporting AAX DSP, the DLS and DLI mean that ProTools users can, once again, have full access to the vast palette of Waves plug-ins.

Both interfaces feature 64 digital inputs / 64 digital outputs, the DiGiGrid DLI being custom-engineered for users of large Pro Tools systems who require the extra processing power of a dedicated SoundGrid DSP server.

Both the DLI and DLS have a built-in SoundGrid DSP server and certified SoundGrid switch, making this the ideal integrated solution for users who want to expand their existing ProTools systems, while enjoying the convenience of an all-in-one hardware interface.

The new interfaces join the already-available DiGiGrid MGB and MGO interfaces, which provide MADI interfacing with SoundGrid, and the IOS, IOX and IOC, which are standard audio interfaces for any DAW, such as ProTools or Logic. When a user wants to expand their system, rather than having to throw away and replace their I/O interface with a bigger one, these units allow the user to simply buy an additional interface and link it to the first with standard network cables. The IOS also has a SoundGrid server build into it for real time plugin processing.

"As DiGiGrid interfaces are all networked, the user can mix and match with any interface combination, multiple host DAWs and mixed platforms - Mac and PC - with I/O sharing and processing. They provide the easiest way to network and share I/O resources between multiple DAWs, as well as processing with SoundGrid plugins," says DiGiGrid’s Dan Page.

"They offer a tremendous amount of potential to everything from major recording, live production and broadcast installations to post-production, project studios and education."

29th July 2014

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