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Celebrating Success at Britannia Row Productions Training

Celebrating Success at Britannia Row Productions Training

UK - The skill sets required to work effectively and safely in today’s pro-audio industry have changed almost beyond recognition in the last 30 years. The technical advances in equipment and the justifiable expectations of what can be achieved, from both musician and audience, have necessitated the development of a highly skilled and competent workforce. At the same time, the particular demands of working in a touring environment remain the same and require an enthusiastic and well motivated work ethic, dedication, endless energy, the ability to work within a highly structured team and of course, a finely tuned sense of humour from everyone who seeks to make a career in live sound.

Finding such all-round competent individuals is not always an easy task; Britannia Row Productions Training (BRPT) was set up to address the need to fill that gap and is recognised as a Short Course Provider by the British Accreditation Council for Independent Further and Higher Education. That recognition provides international applicants from beyond the EU access to apply for UK visas for the duration of courses such as the BRPT Live Sound Technology Course, which has produced some excellent graduates who have then gone on to make their mark in the industry.

One of the first graduating students from the BRPT Live Sound Technology Course is Gonçalo Lopes (pictured) who, as the highest achieving graduate on his course, was awarded with a full time position at Britannia Row Productions guaranteed for at least a year. He explains his motivation for applying for the course: “My previous experience in the pro-audio industry was mostly as a stage tech and flying PA Systems back in Portugal. I worked on various shows, festivals and corporate jobs, as well as some stage-managing. I reached the stage where I knew to improve my skills and to gain more experience on the digital side of the pro-audio world if I was going to move up to the next level.

“When I was deciding where to go for training I was attracted to Britannia Row by their reputation as one of the premier audio providers globally both in terms of equipment and crew and it proved to be exactly the right choice. The course was perfectly suited to my needs: not too basic but still accessible. There were a few subjects where I found my previous experience helped me but I have been able to achieve my primary aim which was to fill in the blank gaps of my knowledge.”

Lopes feels confident that everyone on the course received a similarly individualised package: “My class was mostly filled with students who had a studio background so many of them had different experiences to me. The lecturers were quick to help us all individually so that we were all able to fill the different gaps in our knowledge. I wasn’t expecting to come first on the course but I am really excited about the opportunities that are opening up for me because of it.”

Managing director, Matthias Postel is rightly proud of Lopes’ achievement. “Goncalo joined us from Portugal with some experience of stage work and the desire to get to a professional level in live sound. Throughout the course he worked really hard and fully applied himself in numerous practical situations. His assessment results were testament to the abilities he has gained through the course. He graduated with the best result on our first course and was therefore offered the position with Britannia Row Productions. I look forward to watching his progress in the future; I have no doubt he has a great career ahead of him."

With time to reflect on his time at BRPT, Lopes is emphatic that this was the right course for him, “This was money very well spent; I would advise anyone who is looking to establish themselves in live sound to contact Britannia Row Productions Training. It is the best professional investment I have ever made.”

1st July 2014

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