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Creating the Light Image

Creating the Light Image

The Netherlands - Light Image are a lively, energetic and imaginative lighting design, programming and operating practice based in Utrecht, The Netherlands, comprising three core people - Bas van der Peol (LD), Renzo Hagel (LD / operator) and Jeroen Van Der Velden (media servers / technical drawing specialist).

The company was established in 2011 and specialises in supplying creative lighting and visuals for TV shows and live events of all types.

Light Image works closely with directors and DoPs to produce the full visual design package required for a show, including lighting, set design, LED elements and control, all adding up to a coherent and harmonious visual picture. This includes specifying the equipment and sometimes sourcing and tech’ing it on site. They are working increasingly with Robe products on almost every show.

"Our working relationship with Robe all started with the ROBIN LEDWash 600" explains Jeroen, which was when Bas used these fixtures to light different sections of a studio set and colour change it with the same lights. This worked brilliantly, so they started specifying LEDWashes regularly. Then came the ROBIN MMX Spot and ROBIN WashBeam fixtures, followed by the ROBIN Pointe, all of which now appear regularly on Light Image designs.

"The LEDWash is one of the few LED fixtures available which is equally as good for lighting a large set piece as it if for highlighting individual people" says Jeroen.

The MMX WashBeams they first encountered whilst working on the Dutch Junior Eurovision competition – they needed fixtures for spots, specials and key lights – all of which the MMX WashBeam does very nicely.

"The internal barn doors were great for what we needed" says Bas, "and then as we gave the fixtures a good work-out, we also discovered that we could do loads more with the MMX WashBeam. The zoom is excellent and when positioned on the floor they are great for low level side and cross-stage lighting as well as for highlighting audiences in a different and more exciting way".

He adds that one of the things they like about working with Robe products is a full understanding of the need for fixtures to be properly ‘multi-purpose’ as well as being bright and lightweight.

This brings us on to The Pointe. "The great versatility of the Pointe" is why we continue to specify and use it. Having a spot, wash and beam fixture all in one unit is amazing!" confirms Jeroen.

He adds that having Pointes on the lighting plot is a great starting point for shows, where they mostly know there will be the budget for around 40 moving lights. Using Pointes … they can effectively multiply that number by four – as it can be four distinctive lightsources.

Thanks to a lot of hard work by Robe’s Benelux distributor Controllux, there are also now plenty of Pointes in rental stock in both the Netherlands and Belgium, and major Dutch players like Flashlight, Rentall, Eventec, The Purple Group, Purple Haze and PRG all have Pointes.

Recent Light Image projects include designing lighting for ‘The Passion’ in Groningen which was a big public event in the centre of the city attended by 22,000 people, and broadcast live on national TV with an audience of 3.2 million just in Holland! The performance stage featured 36 Pointes and 10 LEDWash 600s.

For the live shows of the 2014 Junior Dance TV competition at the Fokker Terminus in Den Haag, Light Image created a lighting and video design which included MMX WashBeams and Pointes.

In pictured: Renzo Hagel, Jeroen van der Velden and Bas van der Poel.

16th July 2014

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