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Energy-Efficient Elation LED Lighting for Parkview Baptist Church

Energy-Efficient Elation LED Lighting for Parkview Baptist Church
Energy-Efficient Elation LED Lighting for Parkview Baptist Church

USA - Parkview Baptist Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is an active and growing church that reaches out to its local community through a number of activities and ministries. Throughout their mission, they maintain an eye on the future while also keeping a focus on savings in their daily operations. The church recently sought to update their main sanctuary’s lighting system to energy-efficient LED lights, both house lights and stage lighting, and chose an Elation package of low power consumption LED fixtures.

The lighting upgrade includes Elation TVL Series white light LEDs, color changing Opti Par LEDs and Design LED Par lights. The main driver behind the design was the TVL F1WW and the Design LED Par Zoom, says Jay Cid of Elation rep firm PSLP (Professional Sound and Lighting Products), who demoed the Elation products, worked together on the design and provided product and logistic support on the project.

The 100W TVL F1WW LED Fresnels project an evenly-balanced warm white light from a downstage position on the sanctuary stage, their 12-40° zoom covering a wide variety of beam angles and power draw of 141W fitting in with the church’s more energy-efficient goals. Also working from a downstage truss are high-power TVL 3000 warm white light luminaires with 24x 3W LEDs drawing a max power consumption of only 70W, as well as Opti QA Par lights with 18x 5W RGBA LEDs drawing 140W each. The Design LED Par Zooms with RGB color mixing work from an upstage position.

Handling lighting design / programming duties and installation of the fixtures, as well as teaching of the complete system to Parkview Baptist personnel, was Elation dealer Advanced Audio & Stage Lighting of Denham Springs, Louisiana. Bo Bowen of Advanced Audio comments, “Elation was used on this project because of the relationship we have with PSLP and the quality of the products Elation offers. Being able to demo the lights was huge for us on this project and allowed us to pick the right fixture for what we were trying to accomplish.”

Working together with Bowen on fixture choice was lighting designer and trainer Zac Crotwell, who then designed the layout of the fixtures and assisted the installers with hanging and wiring the fixtures as well as focusing of all the lights. “We felt the Elation lights would work best for the customer and their needs so we chose the new TVL fixtures, which are amazing!” he commented. “They are bright with great coverage, perfect for stage washes and TV lighting. We then chose a few different fixtures to add some color and depth to the room.”

Control of the lighting system is from an Elation-distributed HedgeHog 4 console located at FOH, which Crotwell trained Parkview Baptist personnel to use. “I have been a lighting programmer on Hog consoles for years and find that the HedgeHog 4 is a perfect console for churches,” he says. “With a little training, the techs can do so much with such a powerful console and great lights to make their services look amazing.”

Advanced Audio & Stage Lighting’s crew of Ryan Rushing and Blaine Wilkins , along with Zac Crotwell, provided key support on the project as did Chris Rowinsky of JROW Electric of Denham Springs, and Jay Cid with PSLP, all of whom deserve special recognition for the awesome results.


28th July 2014

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