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Hippotizer graces the red carpet at another London Premiere

Hippotizer graces the red carpet at another London Premiere

UK - Digital Insanity have recently taken their Hippotizers to the European movie premiere of the new ‘Godzilla’. Directed by Gareth Edwards, as his second feature film after ‘Monsters’, and this version of the iconic Japanese classic has been much anticipated by movie lovers worldwide.

The premiere took place in London’s Leicester Square on May 11 and saw the red carpet rolled out in front of the Odeon Theatre, just days prior to the film’s official May 15 release.

Digital Insanity mapped the eight huge LED screens, all supplied, rigged and spread across one side of Leicester Square by rental company VER. Each screen had one of the letters G.O.D.Z.I.L.L.A. masked onto the front which created an impressive light box effect and they were programmed with lighting chases and effects including footage from the movie in question.
Richard Bagshaw of Digital Insanity explains: “Using the new Hippotizer FlexRes codec enabled the playback of a larger than HD canvas and Hippotizer allowed us to keep it all pixel for pixel from only one output. This freed up the second output to run content and live cameras into the screen at the other end of the carpet.”

An additional HippoCritter was utilised to feed content to the video totem at the entrance to the red carpet. This four-sided column of LED panels played back poster art from the movie to greet the guests upon arrival.
Digital Insanity also created 18 minutes of unique content for the various video areas, which included some additional content being played back on the Odeon screens by the Odeon’s in-house playback systems.

Greeting such stars as the film’s leads Bryan Cranston, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elisabeth Olson, this premiere certainly made a visual impact with its magnificent screen array towering over the red carpet and bringing Godzilla to life.

Hippotizer graces the red carpet at another London PremiereHippotizer graces the red carpet at another London Premiere

8th July 2014

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