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MIRC does the business for Studiomaster and Carlsbro

MIRC does the business for Studiomaster and Carlsbro
MIRC does the business for Studiomaster and Carlsbro

UK - MIRC Expo 2014 was a resounding success for the Studiomaster and Carlsbro brands. The one day event saw both companies sign up new UK dealers, Studiomaster attract considerable interest in its new Starlight and Venture speakers series – being exhibited in the UK for the first time – and Carlsbro completely sell out the first shipment of the new CD – Carlsbro Digital – CSD525 compact e-drum kit.

Several new dealerships for Studiomaster and Carlsbro were signed during the event, and negotiations initiated with several more; details of these will be announced soon.

MIRC 2014 was the first opportunity for many UK retailers to see the new Starlight and Venture series cabinets. Both were major attractions on the booth. Starlight ML – an entirely new product concept, incorporating FOH and monitor sound, and stage lighting in a single pair of cabinets – has already begun shipping. There was considerable interest from dealers in the mobile and small install DJ markets, for who the all-in-one sound and lighting boxes made instant commercial sense. Venture, Studiomaster’s first ultra-light, compact PA series was equally popular, representing outstanding quality and performance at a price point some 20 – 25% more competitive than comparable product from other leading industry brands. With 12 and 15 inch 2-way cabinets and a matched 18 inch sub, available in both 1000 watt Class-D bi-amplified and passive variants, power-to-weight specifications are best-in-class, and sound quality is described as “exceptional for a compact, lightweight cabinet”.

For Carlsbro, it was its recently launched CD – Carlsbro Digital – product range that generated the greatest interest and, in particular, the latest CSD525 compact e-drum kit, which completely sold out its initial shipment during MIRC – before it has even been landed.

Speaking immediately after the event, Studiomaster and Carlsbro assistant general manager and marketing manager, Patrick Almond stated: “We opened new business relationships with dealers we never expected to, as many more are finding new market opportunities in the breadth and variety of our product ranges. Particularly those that represent the classic innovative, high quality, cost competitive solutions Studiomaster and Carlsbro traditionally offer. The value of MIRC can be measured in what we achieved in a just a single day, compared with the level of expenditure and ROI associated with the other major industry exhibitions.”

In picture: Studiomaster Starlight ML FOH, monitor and lighting cabinets.

8th July 2014

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