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The Devialet Ensemble

The Devialet Ensemble

France – Devialet has unveiled an extraordinary, ready-made audio solution delivering style and performance like no other: the Devialet Ensemble.

Founded upon proprietary audio technologies that are unique to Devialet, the Ensemble is the perfect audio solution for discerning individuals who refuse to compromise on both style and performance. Taking its name from the way a collection of musicians unite as a musical ensemble to spark emotion, the Devialet Ensemble comprises the new Devialet 120 amplifier/DAC/streamer, a pair of special-edition GT1 speakers made for Devialet by fellow French company Atohm, and a set of 3.5m Atohm speaker cables with connectors. Together, the Ensemble is all you need to create a fabulous musical experience from any source - digital or analogue.

Music may be streamed wirelessly from a computer, tablet or smartphone via built-in Devialet AIR high-definition wi-fi technology, or played on a high-quality CD player or turntable connected via one of the Devialet 120’s many cable inputs.

A number of breakthrough technologies combine to make this compact, high-performance audio system utterly unique, ensuring that the electronics work in complete symbiosis with the loudspeakers. At the Devialet 120’s core is the company’s multi-award-wining ADH (Analogue Digital Hybrid) amplification, which enables remarkable sonic purity and resolution, plus lashings of power, from a slim, wall-mountable chassis.This combines with a new proprietary technology called SAM (Speaker Active Matching). This sophisticated digital processing enables Devialet components to be precisely matched to a particular pair of speakers. It is, in effect, a form of bespoke audio tailoring, to ensure the amplifier and speakers fit perfectly together and thereby unleash the speakers’ full potential.

This is made possible by the unique internal architecture of Devialet components, with their powerful digital ‘brain’. SAM enables Devialet’s power amp circuitry to feed the attached loudspeakers with a specific signal, computed in real time to drive them optimally. This ensures that the acoustic signal produced by the loudspeakers is an exact replica of the audio signal on the recording. The Devialet 120 in each Devialet Ensemble package is preconfigured with SAM data for the Atohm GT1 speakers, thus ensuring the very best performance straight from the box.

The result is a musical performance of the highest calibre from a compact and stylish system that exudes Parisian sophistication, with the Devialet 120’s distinctive ‘dark chrome’ finish resplendent alongside the Atohm GT1s’ pure, elegant white.

The Devialet Ensemble system is designed and made in France, and is available in the UK through Devialet’s sole distributor, Absolute Sounds.

16th July 2014

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