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GLP Spot One Lights Up MBC's New HQ in Seoul's Digital Media City

GLP Spot One Lights Up MBC\'s New HQ in Seoul\'s Digital Media City
GLP Spot One Lights Up MBC\'s New HQ in Seoul\'s Digital Media City

South Korea - Korean TV network broadcaster, MBC has moved into the new Digital Media City in the Sangam district of Seoul.

GLP impression Spot Ones have been used to provide a stunning illumination of the building, as part of a creative US$175,000 project undertaken by local stage lighting specialists, NES. The eight impression Spot Ones are mounted in locally sourced domes to protect them from the extreme weather conditions as they throw their high output beams over a distance of 20m-30m.

Said NES project manager, Jeonghyun Nam: "It was because of the powerful LED output and 16 rotating gobos [via two gobo wheels] that we suggested the GLP impressions."

Spot One’s design achieves an even beam for RGB colour mixing and a focusable area for gobo projections. The RGB LED engine with 8 or 16 bit control over each colour, allows for delicate colour changes and instantaneous colour bumps. In addition to the variable speed gobo wheels (and animation wheel) the packed graphics engine features high speed variable iris and variable speed, bi-directional rotating prism.

The water- and dust-proof protective lighting domes are suspended from a street lamp support, purpose developed by the contractors. The lights are controlled and focused via the lighting console through a wireless transceiver.

Client and contractors are more than happy with the result, according to Michael Münz, who heads up GLP’s Hong Kong office. "From the moment this solution was tested it was clear that the Spot One was the correct choice," he stated. "It is extremely impressive to see the stunning performance of the Spot One over such a long throw."

20th August 2014

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