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More than 1,000 CORE ColourPoint Units Sold Worldwide

More than 1,000 CORE ColourPoint Units Sold Worldwide
More than 1,000 CORE ColourPoint Units Sold Worldwide

UK - Lighting specialist White Light reports that more than 1,000 CORE Lighting ColourPoint units have been sold since the product’s initial launch. The company has experienced increased demand in recent months as production companies look for flexible lighting alternatives for events.

Most recently, Liverpool-based technical production company Adlib invested in 40 new ColourPoint fixtures, for use on the company’s variety of events projects.

White Light’s Jonathan Haynes worked with Adlib’s Dave Platt to discuss Adlib’s requirements and ensure that they could try out the fixtures before a decision was made. "We were looking for new technology that would look good and give us flexibility for our events," said Platt. "After seeing the ColourPoints in action, we placed an order with White Light."

Haynes explains the product’s popularity: "Especially for event professionals, speed and ease of setup is a key concern. Having a completely wireless product that is easy to use and can go just about anywhere – it just make sense."

The battery-operated uplighters have an LED source and can be wirelessly controlled, meaning more flexibility and less setup time for events teams. The ColourPoint boasts a 2000 lumen output for bright and even coverage while its IP65 rating means outdoor events won’t be left in the dark.

"Light output and colour quality are key factors for any fixture we add to our hire stock," said Platt "the ColourPoint delivered on both accounts and had useful features such as wireless control and re-chargeable flight cases. We can use them across a variety of events whatever the venue."

With the new ColourPoint units in stock, the Adlib team has also reduced event setup & strike times and can offer clients a wider variety of looks. Platt continued: "We have used them on several recent events and they have been a real hit. We can put them almost anywhere and don’t have to worry about cables or wiring. The ColourPoints have made a big difference – they are great tools to have in the fast paced world of events!"

CORE Lighting products are designed and manufactured in the UK and are available exclusively through White Light.

5th August 2014

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