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A bright new extension to Optoma’s 1080p home range

A bright new extension to Optoma’s 1080p home range

Optoma has added another Full HD 1080p projector to its home range. The new HD36 couples high-end home cinema performance with bright, vibrant visuals to produce high-resolution viewing without dimming the lights.

This Full 3D 1080p projector with powerful speakers, vertical lens shift and boasting 3,000 ANSI Lumens is perfect for watching TV shows, sports and movies or playing action-packed games on a huge screen any time of day.

Optoma’s Head of Product Marketing, Justin Halls, said: “The new high specification HD36 with its sleek matte black design is one of a number of projectors we are launching in 2014, to bring the best big-screen experience straight to the home.”

HDMI and DVI inputs are a huge benefit of the HD36. Blu-ray players, digital television set top boxes or games consoles can be easily connected via HDMI. Along with other standard video inputs, DVI and twin VGA ports can also be useful for gamers and connecting from a laptop or PC.

The stylish black finish complements any living space and its 1.5x zoom along with vertical lens shift ensure a large range of placement possibilities. This makes it easier to position the projector, allows a wider choice of screen sizes and makes the HD36 the perfect option for home.

The USB-Power input can be used to power a HDMI dongle, such as Google Chromecast or the Optoma WHD200 wireless HDMI device.

This feature gives more depth to the image by smoothly adjusting the lamp output, based on the brightness information of each frame; to create a stunning high contrast ratio. Bright scenes appear crisp and clear, while dark scenes remain detailed with deep blacks and exceptional light and shade detail.

Most movies are shot at 24 frames per second (fps). To preserve the purity of the original image, the HD36 can accept high definition sources at 24 fps to display movies exactly as the director intended.

The HD36 can display true 3D content from almost any 3D source, including 3D Blu-ray players, 3D broadcasting and the latest generation games consoles. Support for 144Hz rapid refresh rate provides ultra-smooth flicker free images. The 3D-sync port can connect to an Optoma ZF2100 System – required for 3D viewing (sold separately).

A full specification sheet for the HD36 together with information on the full product range is available on the Optoma website.

8th September 2014

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