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Artistic Licence launches versaSplit at PLASA London 2014

Artistic Licence launches versaSplit at PLASA London 2014

UK - Artistic Licence is excited to launch versaSplit, a modular and configurable rack-mount product that promises to redefine the DMX, ethernet and radio distribution market. Designed with ultimate flexibility in mind, versaSplit can be a radio distribution system one day, and a DMX splitter or ethernet node the next.

Central to the design are one or two (depending on the base unit) modular inputs that can be swapped in and out by the user as the application demands. The modules offer 3 flavours of input: DMX512/RDM (with data fixing functionality and choice of RJ45, 3-pin or 5-pin XLR connectors), radio (using the CRMX wireless DMX protocol) and ethernet (compatible with Art-Net and sACN).

Having selected the module(s) required, customers can choose between three types of base unit: 1) versaSplit mono: 10-output splitter in a 1RU rack format. It has one input module slot; 2) versaSplit iso: As versaSplit mono, but with individually isolated outputs; 3) versaSplit duo: 8-output splitter in a 1RU rack format. It has two input module slots, and each splitter output can be allocated to either the A or B input module.

All the modules are available for separate purchase, enabling customers to expand the functionality of their product in the future if desired. Swapping the modules is a quick and simple task that requires only a screwdriver.

Artistic Licence CEO, Wayne Howell, comments: "I’m incredibly enthused about versaSplit — it’s a real game-changer that breaks down the barriers between historical product types. Many installations require mixed approaches to DMX distribution, so having a single, multi-purpose solution is absolutely the way forward. We feel confident that versaSplit will prove to be a highly attractive investment for many hire companies, as well as the studio and theatre markets."

versaSplit is being entered into this year’s PLASA Awards for Innovation. Visitors to the show can view it in the Awards gallery and, of course, at the Artistic Licence stand, L50.

23rd September 2014

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