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Elation LED Panels and Platinum Beams for Electrisize Open Air Festival

Elation LED Panels and Platinum Beams for Electrisize Open Air Festival
Elation LED Panels and Platinum Beams for Electrisize Open Air Festival

Germany - Held at the former monastery of Haus Hohenbusch just outside of Erklenz in western Germany, the Electrisize Open Air Festival celebrated its 5th anniversary on 9th August with a barrage of Electro and House music from an impressive line-up of DJs supported by a lighting and video package that included Elation Professional Platinum Beam 5R effects and EVLED Series LED panels.

Rental company Ton in Ton Veranstaltungstechnik of Erkelenz was full service stage, sound, lighting and video provider for the event which included stage design and technical implementation. Ton in Ton’s Frank Zander produced an exhilarating and complementary lighting design after preliminary discussions with the client in which it was decided to let the old monastery buildings provide the distinctive backdrop for the event.

“I developed a stage which was very open,” Frank commented. “And since it was an event which ran from one in the afternoon until one at night, I turned to beam lamps as well as LED walls, which together with some LED fixtures allowed me to give a creative look to the stage, even in daylight. After it got dark, the beam fixtures became the leading light in the stage design.”

Frank used 24 IP65-rated 37mm pixel pitch EVLED 256 panels to create four large LED screen columns, which had the effect of visually spreading the stage design. He then placed 12 EVLED 1024 LED panels in front of the DJ to present high-res graphics and logos. “I selected the EVLED panels because they are capable of outdoor use, are low weight and have a very good pixel density output, delivered even in daylight,” he said.

For those extremely narrow, dense beam looks that can expand a space with their long throws, Frank placed eight Platinum Beam 5Rs at the bottom of a tower and on the catwalk in front of the DJ Stage for powerful mid-air effect lighting. “I always like to use the Elation Beam because it is a reliable lamp,” he says. “They worked perfectly together in terms of brightness and speed with the other lighting fixtures in the rig. Above all, I am very delighted with the speed and light output of the Platinum Beam 5R, which is in no way inferior to a Clay Paky Sharpy.”

9th September 2014

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