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Elation Sniper Multi-Effect Light Debuts on A Day to Remember U.S. Tour

Elation Sniper Multi-Effect Light Debuts on A Day to Remember U.S. Tour
Elation Sniper Multi-Effect Light Debuts on A Day to Remember U.S. Tour

USA - Elation Professional’s new high-energy Sniper multi-effect light and laser simulator, which launched recently at the PRO trade show in England, is enjoying its touring debut on American rock band A Day to Remember’s (ADTR) “Parks & Devastation” U.S. tour with lighting design by Steve “Cowboy” Stemac.

ADTR is a passionate band with Steve running 10 of the powerful hybrid effect lights through their paces as specials on the hard-driving show. “We took the band and put them in a national park environment and then, as we do, make it jocular and surreal,” Steve states of the show’s tongue-in-cheek yet highly entertaining set theme that has each Sniper representing a band member’s eye in the set’s large Mt. Rushmore-inspired backdrop. “It’s more like a cosmic circus of sorts with lots of sounds and staccato noise. For the eyeballs in our set piece we needed something that looked like a laser without actually having lasers and the Sniper stepped in perfectly. We’re breaking the Sniper ribbon so to speak and are very excited to have a very new product out on our tour.”

Powered by the new 132W Philips MSD Platinum lamp, the Sniper delivers an intense 45,010 lux @ 16.4’ (5m) and gives designers 14 dichroic colors and 17 static gobos to choose from. “It’s a perfect little fixture, it’s compact, it’s not very hot and it’s bright,” Steve says. “And it has all the laser dance floor effects that are exactly what we were looking for on this show. The most surprising thing though was how bright it is. I have 1200-watt lights in the rig, key lighting as well as lighting behind it, and other lights, and it plays along with everybody in holding up its weight. Also, heat was prohibitive with some of the other fixtures but the Sniper keeps cool.”

Steve has been with ADTR for five years and has seen the band grow with each tour and CD release. The band’s somewhat eccentric yet original ideas—like the laser effects shooting out of the backdrop’s eyeballs—start with the band members who then come to Steve for refinement. “I put those ideas in a lighting frame keeping in mind that ADTR is a very active band on stage that puts on a great show in their own right. I just accentuate what they do,” he says. “It’s an amazing gig to be on and a great place to be. The creativity that we have together, I’m very, very proud of that.”

Playing an infectious genre blend of pop punk and post hardcore, and known for their energetic live performances, the Sniper fits in with that enterprising spirit perfectly, its ultra-quick movement and barrage of high-powered looks a good match for the band’s bold disposition.

A unique beam, scanner and laser simulator in one, the Sniper allows Steve to project a variety of looks from a single fixture. It emits a narrow 3° beam from a high-speed mirror system to spread a multitude of effects, including laser-like effects without having to deal with laser regulations. “Sometimes we use them in just a simple ‘on’ look with a slow pan over the stage. Sometimes we use the dance floor laser effect vertically, sometimes the strobe, and sometimes a prismed gobo look.” Steve, who initially heard about the Sniper from Ken Gay, video production designer for the show, adds “I like them so much we’re trying to find an excuse to use them more.”

A Day to Remember’s U.S. tour launched in early September and is consistently selling out at every stop. Specifying a brand new lighting fixture for a tour can sometimes be a dubious proposition but Steve has had few issues with the Sniper and is appreciative of the support he’s received. “John Dunn [Elation Sales Manager] has been so helpful and patient in midwifing this to us and has been so attentive to our necessary fixes, especially in the bustle and turmoil of the beginning of the tour,” he concludes. “Parks & Devastation” runs through mid-October in the U.S. before playing several dates in Europe starting in November.

22nd September 2014

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