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Elation’s New Sniper, Platinum SBX and Much More at PLASA 2014

Elation’s New Sniper, Platinum SBX and Much More at PLASA 2014
Elation’s New Sniper, Platinum SBX and Much More at PLASA 2014

UK - The market’s newest light sensation – the Elation Sniper – created a buzz when released at the PRO show in mid-September and is now heading to the PLASA show in London for an encore. Elation Professional will be showing the newly released multi-effect and laser simulator along with a host of other lighting innovations that includes the hybrid Platinum SBX, a 3-in-1 beam, spot, and wash fixture with an innovative, new optical system.

Join Elation October 5-8 at Booth K70 at ExCel in London for a closer look at the Sniper and Platinum SBX, as well as Elation’s complete line of professional lighting, video and control solutions.

“We are very excited to be returning to London this year, showing exciting new and innovative products. Last year’s PLASA show was surprisingly good and we are optimistic that with all the fresh new products we and other manufacturers have come out with recently, customers will make the time to come out to ExCel in East London and see them all in action first hand,” says Eric Loader, director of sales, Elation Professional.

The Sniper is a revolutionary hybrid beam, scanner and laser simulator in one that gives the creative LD an all-new tool to create stunning light shows. Emitting a powerful, ultra-narrow 3° beam, a high-speed mirror system allows the Sniper to spread scanner and laser-like effects at exceptionally high speed and without the hassle of laser regulations. The Sniper is powered by the new 132W Philips MSD Platinum lamp and houses 14 dichroic colors and 17 static gobos. It is the perfect high-energy effect light for clubs and other nighttime venues and can liven up any stage for tours and special events.

The new Platinum SBX is an innovative full-featured 3-in-1 luminaire which can be utilized as a beam, spot, or wash fixture. This compact fixture combines new lamp technology from a Philips MSD Platinum 17RA 350W lamp with a new optical system for a flat field of light and kicks out 20,000 lumens of power, comparable to 700W fixtures and extremely energy efficient. It also features a zoom, 13 dichroic colors including UV, CTO and CTB, plus 9 rotating interchangeable gobos and 14 fixed gobos. Two rotating prisms including a 6-way linear 8-facet prism and frost filter are also included.

Also on display at PLASA 2014 will be the new Platinum BX Pro is a compact yet powerful beam luminaire that combines new lamp technology from a Philips MSD Platinum 17RA 350W lamp with a new optical system to kick out over 15,000 lumens of power. The Platinum BX is fast and delivers extreme output along a tight 2.5 degree beam at 4 times the level of previous beam models.

The Platinum Profile LED is a full-featured LED profile fixture with flexible 4-blade rotating framing system. It uses a new high-performance 180W LED engine for an output comparable to a 575 discharge lamp. Beam angle is 18° and the fixture offers 7 dichroic colors, 7 rotating interchangeable gobos, and 7 fixed gobos. A 3-facet rotating prism and frost filter are also included.

The new LED-based Satura Spot CMY Pro is a high-powered LED spot luminaire with zoom, CMY color mixing and dual gobo wheels. Seven dichroic colors are included for added color customization. Its 320W LED engine delivers 11,700 lumens of power for an output across all colors that is comparable to 575W and even 700W discharge fixtures.
The versatile Rayzor Q12Z moving head in Elation’s Rayzor Series of compact and high-speed LED wash luminaires houses 12 15W RGBW LEDs and an 11-39 degree motorized zoom for colorful wash/beam to stunning eye-candy looks. Color temperature is variable from 2,700K - 8,000K and colors mix uniform from vibrant saturates across beautiful pastels to authentic warm and cool shades of white.

The SixPar Series of indoor and outdoor PAR color changers features a revolutionary 6-color LED multi-chip that provides an expanded palette of colors. Useful for production applications or installations, the SixPar’s high-power single lens RGBWA+UV LEDs provide a creative color boost to the lighting designer toolbox. It is available in four versions – SixPar 100 (indoor), SixPar 100IP, SixPar 200IP and SixPar 300IP, with 7, 7, 12 and 18 x 12-watt LEDs respectively.

The Pixel Bar 40 is a one-meter-long pixel-controllable LED strip light that uses 3-in-1 SMD RGB LEDs to mix a nearly limitless variety of colors. Useful as a pixel bar for displaying imagery or as a wash luminaire for floodlighting surfaces and stages, it features uniform washes of color from pastels to saturates with an easy-to-setup design. Bright at 850 nits and 0-100% dimmable, multiple units can be easily linked together for customizable setups.

Designed for the demanding production market, the new EMAG 4 Pro is a durable, 4.8mm pixel pitch LED video panel ideal when outstanding high-definition image quality is required for on-the-road productions. Built of rugged die cast aluminum, tool-less quick locks and a magnetic module design make the EMAG 4 Pro easy to assemble and disassemble. Colors display vivid and consistent and a brightness level of 1,200 nits means the EMAG 4 Pro performs well in high ambient lighting conditions.

Featuring outstanding image quality, the EPT9IP is an ultra-bright 9mm pixel pitch LED panel that ticks all the boxes for a professional LED display. It incorporates the latest dot correction technology for superior color and brightness uniformity and delivers an impressive 5,000 nits of brightness, more than sufficient for any indoor use and bright enough for virtually any outdoor application. Integrated curving options from -15° to +15° allow designers to create a variety of seamless curved video displays.

The new EZ Kling interface provides a simpler and more effective way to create visuals via pixel mapping. It is an RJ45 to DMX, Kling-Net and ArtNet interface that allows users to pixel map Kling-Net fixtures through the Kling-Net mapper, which is included in ArKaos’s LED Master, Media Master Express and Media Master Pro software. EZ Kling also works via ArtNet, which allows for pixel mapping of any LED pixel-controllable DMX fixture.

In picture: Elation's Sniper and Platinum SBX.

23rd September 2014

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