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Kinesys at PLASA 2014

UK - Automation specialist Kinesys will use the unique networking opportunities of the 2014 PLASA exhibition at London’s ExCeL Centre to meet, greet and be social with its UK, European and international clients – existing, new and potential – who will be visiting the show.

Booth P25 will be designed to maximise meeting opportunities, complete with refreshments and areas where people can congregate and engage in lively discussion, as well as having information on hand about Kinesys’ products and systems.

2014 has been landmark year so far for the company which has expanded on all levels.

At Kinesys’ UK headquarters in west London, the addition of a third unit has expanded the total space by a third. The first unit is dedicated to Research and Development which is a constantly active and ongoing process; the second houses the main offices, administration, sales and marketing, complete with production and warehouse areas; while the third unit is a dedicated training, client and product area, developed as a show and demo facility for all clients.

A major development for Kinesys this summer was the opening of the new American operation - Kinesys USA Inc. - headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and headed up by industry maverick David Martin. Kinesys USA will also be a commercial hub for business in Canada, Central and South America and David will co-ordinate the technical sales and support in all these regions and work in close collaboration with the relevant departments at Kinesys’ global HQ in London.

In addition to this, many of the departments within the company have restructured and expanded including Dan Dufaur who has joined as technical sales engineer and Steve Fowler who has taken on several new challenges as marketing and communications manager.

The recent expansion in both space and personnel matches with Kinesys’ medium term growth and expansion strategy which has been underway for the last two years. This year Kinesys has also expanded its scope dramatically in territories outside the UK and Europe. Major sales in 2014 have included Kinesys systems being sold in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and South America.

In addition to this Kinesys’ robust, reliable, highly flexible and user-friendly products have been an important component of the visual equations on many high-profile tours this year including Robbie Williams’ ‘Swings Both Ways’ tour, Arcade Fire’s ‘Reflektor’ tour and Ed Sheeran’s ‘X’ tour in the US.

With all that activity, Kinesys is looking forward to a strong end of the year, and to PLASA as a great opportunity to catch breath and catch up with their many industry associates, colleagues and friends.

30th September 2014

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