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PM Center Thailand Invests in W-DMX

PM Center Thailand Invests in W-DMX

W-DMX by Wireless Solution Sweden AB is now a hot commodity in Bangkok, Thailand, as one of its premier rental houses, PM Center Co. Ltd. recently invested in 24 units of W-DMX BlackBox F-1, F-2 and R-512 for their rental division.

PM Center has a reputation for offering the most professional equipment in Bangkok and serving premium clients and projects around Thailand. The W-DMX equipment in their stock is used to light up the famous PATTAYA sign on the hill overlooking the Pattaya Bay. Mr. Karin of PM Center said: “On the Pattaya sign, W-DMX works very well without any problem. So “faaaar”, and so good as it worked flawless for over 700 meters with standard antenna.”

Wireless Solution delivered the equipment in late August and on Monday the 1st of September, Wireless Solution representative Ben Darrington was on site at the PM Center office in Bangkok and did in-depth training in using W-DMX technology for longer distances and in situations where the spectrum is heavily used, as in exhibitions, for example.

“One of the reasons for choosing W-DMX as a partner for PM Center was that we offer dual band function,” says Darrington, “In Thailand it is common that the police and military are jamming the 2.4GHz frequency, so W-DMX allows users the possibility to switch to 5.8GHz, which is perfect as the jammers don't work in this higher band.”

Niclas Arvidsson, CEO of Wireless Solution says: “Bangkok is a thriving city with many possibilities for W-DMX. PM Center is on the pulse of many exciting projects and we’re happy to be teamed up with them.”

22nd September 2014

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