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Robe BMFL World Tour Announced

Robe BMFL World Tour Announced
Robe BMFL World Tour Announced

The global launch of the hugely anticipated new lighting fixture from Robe – the Bright Multi-Functional Luminaire – BMFL – has taken place via a worldwide multi-lingual video broadcast across three time zones.

Watched by nearly 11,000 people who pre-registered on the special Robe Premier launch website, complete with a technical delay due to a flood of last minute requests in Europe, the broadcast took place and showed Robe’s CEO Josef Valchar introducing the brand new 1700W BMFL Spot.

The BMFL is a unique signature fixture with a host of innovative features designed as a real game-changer for the moving light industry. The BMFL is massively bright, lightweight for its intensity and incredible versatility and is the result of three years development in close communication with some of the world’s leading lighting designers, directors, programmers and operators as well as rental company owners, project managers and account handlers.

“I think it’s the best fixture we have ever made,” declares Josef.

The BMFL World Tour kicks off with three days at Robe’s global HQ in Valmez, Czech Republic, four key cities in the U.S. – Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Chicago & Washington D.C. – together with Manchester in the U.K.

The second week sees the BMFL World Tour visit New York, London, Dubai, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Tel Aviv, Nashville, Meerhout (Belgium), Alphen aan den Rijn (Netherlands), Dallas, Rome, Moscow, Brisbane and Melbourne.

By December, the BMFL World Tour will have visited over 60 countries on all continents and thousands of interested parties will have seen and experienced this amazing product close up and in depth. Full details of World Tour dates are at the end of this story.

Meantime, the massively bright and hugely dynamic BMFL Spot fixture has been impressing everyone who has seen it during the late summer, appearing at some seriously high profile events.

The largest two references, each with 64 BMFL Spots, were the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, where LD Tim Routledge’s vibrant design really put the fixture through its paces, with spectacular results and much positive feedback.

Meanwhile, LD Tom Kenny debuted the BMFL Spot in the US on the 2014 Teen Choice Awards in Los Angeles, where 52 fixtures on his rig produced more stunning results to the delight of all.

The events also included two major EDM extravaganzas - for the launch of David Guetta’s new live show at Global Gathering (LD Jonathan ‘Leggy’ Armstrong) in the UK, and in Arena 13 (hosted by Pussy lounge and other leading club concepts) at the Tomorrowland experience in Belgium (LD Kristof Van Mensel).

BMFL World Tour 2014 dates:

Australia 09/09/2014 Gold Coast

Australia 10/09/2014 Brisbane

Australia 11/09/2014 Melbourne

Austria 24/09/2014 Vienna

Belgium 10/09/2014 Meerhout

Bulgaria 12/10/2014 Sofia

Czech Republic 02/09/2014 Valasske Mezirici

Czech Republic 03/09/2014 Valasske Mezirici

Czech Republic 04/09/2014 Valasske Mezirici

Denmark 30/09/2014 Copenhagen

Estonia 22/09/2014 Tallinn

Finland 16/09/2014 Helsinki

Finland 17/09/2014 Helsinki

Germany 25/09/2014 Nürnberg

Chile 21/10/2014 TBC

China 21/10/2014 Guangzhou

Ireland 15/09/2014 Dublin

Israel 09/09/2014 Tel Aviv

Israel 10/09/2014 Tel Aviv

Italy 12/09/2014 Rome

Japan 18/09/2014 Tokyo

Japan 19/09/2014 Tokyo

Korea 15/09/2014 Seoul

Korea 16/09/2014 Seoul

Latvia 24/09/2014 Rezekne

Lithuania 23/09/2014 Vilnius

Malaysia 25/09/2014 Kuala Lumpur

Mauritius 28/11/2014 TBC

Mexico 03/11/2014 TBC

Netherlands 11/09/2014 Alphen aan den Rijn

Norway 22/09/2014 Stavanger

Poland 02/10/2014 Warsaw

Portugal 29/09/2014 Lisbon

Romania 22/10/2014 Bucharest

Russia 12/09/2014 Moscow

Singapore 22/09/2014 Singapore

Slovenia 15/09/2014 Ljubljana

South Africa 09/09/2014 Cape Town

South Africa 11/09/2014 Johannesburg

Spain 23/09/2014 Madrid

Spain 01/10/2014 Barcelona

Sweden 18/09/2014 Stockholm

Switzerland 15/09/2014 Zurich

Turkey 24/10/2014 Istanbul

UAE 09/09/2014 Dubai

UK 05/09/2014 Manchester

UK 09/09/2014 London

UK 16/09/2014 Belfast

UK 18/09/2014 Edinburgh

USA 03/09/2014 Las Vegas

USA 04/09/2014 Los Angeles

USA 04/09/2014 Chicago

USA 05/09/2014 Los Angeles

USA 05/09/2014 Washington D.C.

USA 09/09/2014 Nashville

USA 10/09/2014 Nashville

USA 11/09/2014 Nashville

USA 11/09/2014 Dallas

USA 16/09/2014 New York City

USA 23/09/2014 Cooper City

USA 24/09/2014 Cooper City 

The BMFL World Tour 2014 will continue in other locations around the globe through November and December 2014.

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4th September 2014

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