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Robe Pointes for O.A.R. Tour

Robe Pointes for O.A.R. Tour
Robe Pointes for O.A.R. Tour

USA – Lighting designer Jeremy Lechterman chose Robe’s Pointe multifunctional luminaire as one of the core elements of his lighting design for rock band O.A.R.’s Summer US amphitheatre tour. Lighting equipment was supplied by Omaha, Nebraska based Theatrical Media Services (TMS). Based in Brooklyn, New York, it was Lechterman’s second summer tour with O.A.R. who were promoting their new album “The Rockville LP”.

He discussed various concepts for lighting the show with the band beforehand, and all decided that the performance should be reinforced with a clean, modern lighting aesthetic, resulting in the creative starting point for his lighting design. From there, he decided on a back ‘wall of light’ rigged to ladder trusses which also introduced a structural element and shaped the stage.

The 12 Pointes were positioned on the upstage ladders and alternated with wash effects lights, strobes and 4-lite blinders. They were used for everything from spectacular aerial effects, to soft, subtle gobo work and from wash lights to laser simulations highlighting the band during solos. “They are without doubt the most multi-functional and multi-used light in the rig.” he confirmed, adding, “which is really impressive considering their neat size!”

It was the first tour on which Lechterman specified Pointes, having first seen them at LDI 2013 where several functions caught his eye. “As well as the potential dynamics, it has all the features of a larger ‘workhorse’ moving light – and that versatility sold me,” he commented.

Now that he has had the chance to give them a good run on the shows, he highlighted the prism options as among his favourite looks, and commented on how “truly wide” the fixture can look when zoomed fully out with a prism dropped in. 

The Pointes also blended beautifully with the profiles on his O.A.R. rig, and from there he could snap them right down to tightly collimated beams in a nano-second. “Absolutely no other fixture can do that and maintain that kind of output.” he said.

Lechterman ran lights for O.A.R. from a grandMA2 console. He worked alongside a TMS crew of chief, Audra Breyer and LX2, Andy Shaw. The band is well-known for great live performances and building their career and fan-base by playing gigs rather than relying on online exposure.

Prior to this tour, Lechterman had used Robe products on occasional gigs when they happened to be in the house rig. After his experience with the Pointes on O.A.R. where the fixtures proved to be solid and reliable as well as valuable creative tools, he is now considering using more of Robe’s ROBIN series products and the CycFX in particular. He has already specified 40 for a popular UK artist touring this autumn.

8th September 2014

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