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USITT Stage Rigging Safety Program

USA - Schools seeking free stage rigging inspections from USITT have until Oct. 15 to apply for the Rigging Safety Initiative, a national program for safer student stages. If your school hasn’t had a stage rigging inspection in years, it’s time to apply for the RSI.

Any public or private school with an active theatre, drama, or music program and a counterweight, dead hung, or motorized stage rigging system may apply for this free aid from USITT, the United States Institute for Theatre Technology.

If approved, a certified rigging contractor in the area will provide a free inspection and safety training. USITT pays the participating contractor directly; the school must assume any additional expenses.

The Rigging Safety Initiative was established with a grant from JR Clancy in 2011, and has since helped over 75 schools in 24 states. It provides a free inspection and four hours of safety training to any school that demonstrates a need. Schools not immediately served will remain in the system until they are funded.

Schools can save thousands of dollars and prevent potential rigging accidents by participating in the Rigging Safety Initiative. Besides founding sponsor JR Clancy, supporters include ETC, H&H Specialties, Shepard Exposition Services, and many individual donors.

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17th September 2014

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