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Denmark’s TV2 upgrades SNG truck with BroaMan Mux22

Denmark’s TV2 upgrades SNG truck with BroaMan Mux22
Denmark’s TV2 upgrades SNG truck with BroaMan Mux22

Denmark - BroaMan’s Danish distributor Danmon has been providing broadcast solutions to the country’s public service broadcaster TV2 for nearly two decades.

But when last year the company decided to upgrade its SNG OB truck (DNK-47) from SD to HD, the Odense based facility moved its commentator intercom onto a Clear-Com platform and added a BroaMan Mux22 transmission device for signal routing.

This has enabled them to transport multiple data and video signals down a single fibre in the SNG truck, including 6/2 HD-SDI, RS422 and sync network, using Dante as their audio platform.

Explained TV2 Workflow Specialist (and project manager), Kim Hansen, “For years, the trucks have been a key component in our technical setup for major sporting events (such as Tour de France, Handball World Cup etc.) where it acted not simply as an SNG, but a small OB truck.”

This latest upgrade involved stripping the truck of cables and equipment, leaving only the HF installation intact. “We then had to identify and purchase all components — very little could be re-used as it was SD equipment.”

The truck had originally been equipped with a fibre stage box but this could only handle SD. “So in the upgrade we had to find a new solution,” admits Hansen. “We were recommended BroaMan by some of our colleagues, and then saw the units for the first time at IBC 2014.

“We investigated further, and based on the positive demo, we quickly saw that this would not only fulfill our need, but also provide great flexibility and functionality. The decision to adopt this platform was quickly endorsed by the technical engineers during the project.”

The four Mux22 boxes are configured as two independent chains, where each has one box in the SNG truck, and the other at the location end. “This provides an advanced stagebox solution,” continues the TV2 project manager. “The end-to-end connection is made using camera fibre cables with SMPTE connectors. This means that we can use the same type of cable for BroaMan as for our cameras, making rigging easy and avoiding the necessity of carrying dedicated spares. “

The new set-up was designed around 1Gb Ethernet, to allow Dante signals to be carried on the BroaMan network — the first time that TV2 has adopted Dante.

The advantages of the new studio design are evident. “In previous times, we would have pulled a large number of single or multi par cables from the SNG truck to the venue positions. This has been greatly simplified, and much of the required cabling is now done via the single fibre to the BroaMan device. In addition, moving the signals to fibre means that we can run them signals over greater distance — giving us even greater flexibility.”

The newly-configured truck was completed on December 2, and the following day it covered its first job — the Women’s Handball Championship in Hungary.

“The BroaMan system is a big success — as a central component in the SNG truck it has been used on every production so far and is really proving its worth as an advanced stage box solution,” Kim Hansen says in conclusion.

In picture: TV2’s upgraded SNG OB truck

8th January 2015

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