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Eurolite TMH FE-1200 put to the test

Eurolite TMH FE-1200 put to the test
Eurolite TMH FE-1200 put to the test

Germany - German trade magazine Soundcheck recently tested the Eurolite TMH-1200 FE for its December issue. The result: the moving head's "flower power" fully convinced the tester.

The magazine stated that the TMH FE-1200 is not a normal moving head. "The TMH FE-1200 is a little extraordinary. This not only refers to the spot's appearance, which resembles a piece of black stove pipe, but above all its generated light. The beams can be concentrated, so one solid beam is formed. You have a flower effect and a beam spot in one device."

Testers were also enthusiastic about the light output of the Flower Moving Head: "Everybody who thinks of a weak little spot when hearing flower effect, is completely wrong. The TMH FE-1200 gives a proper performance. The not-so-common colour mixture of the spot first evoked surprise, then appreciation. The colours red, green, blue and white are available, but they cannot be mixed properly. Depending on the colour choice, single beams in these colors are created. However, this is no drawback at all, as a very special look is produced, with which beautiful effects can be created."

It's not surprising that the result of the test was completely positive. "It’s a great spot, which combines flower effects, beam and moving head which not only makes an impression in clubs, but also on music stages or on tour with mobile DJs."

15th January 2015

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