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2015 is shaping up to be a busy year for PLASA's Technical Standards Programme, with eight standards being offered for public review at

Available drafts include three from the Rigging Working Group, two from the Photometrics Working Group, and three from the Control Protocols Working Group. Anyone with a material interest in these standards is invited to comment. The review end dates are listed below, with descriptions, for each available document. Comments are due before the end date on the website is reached.


Due 2 March 2015

BSR E1.4-1-201x, Entertainment Technology – Manual Counterweight Rigging Systems

This standard applies to permanently installed, manually operated systems of stage rigging hardware for the raising, lowering, and suspension of scenery, lighting, and similar loads.

BSR E1.17-201x, Entertainment Technology Architecture for Control Networks

E1.17 is a suite of documents that specifies an architecture, protocols, and language that may be combined with other protocols to form flexible, networked audio, lighting, or other control systems. Changes to the existing standard only affect EPI 19, ACN Discovery on IP Networks, which was revised to work more efficiently.

BSR E1.37-5-201x, General Purpose Messages for ANSI E1.20, RDM

This document provides additional Get/Set parameter messages (PIDs) for use with the ANSI E1.20 Remote Device Management protocol.

Rigging Working Group

BSR E1.43-201x, Entertainment Technology – Performer Flying Systems

This document establishes a minimum level of performance parameters for the design, manufacture, use, and maintenance of performer flying systems used in the production of entertainment events. The purpose of this guidance is to achieve the adequate strength, reliability, and safety of these systems to ensure safety of the performer under all circumstances.

BSR E1.50-201x, Entertainment Technology – Safety Requirements for LED, Video & Display Systems

The scope of this proposed standard covers LED and other self-illuminated video display structures used as part of the scenery in concerts, theatre shows, and special events. The standard shall include advice on planning and site preparedness, assembly and erection, suspension and safety of components, special access requirements, and the use and dismantling of these systems.


Due 9 March 2015

BSR E1.54-20xx, PLASA Standard for Colour Communication in Entertainment Lighting

This standard specifies a standardised colour space, and defines the locations of the RGB primaries and the White Point for the purpose of facilitating the communications between lighting controllers and colour-changing luminaires. It offers a standardised way of specifying colour. The method is generic and is neither manufacturer-specific nor colour technology-specific.

BSR E1.55-20xx, Standard for Theatrical Makeup Mirror Lighting

This standard applies to lighting systems for makeup mirrors and makeup stations used by performers and makeup artists for applying makeup to performers in theatres and other performance venues. It describes the topology of the makeup mirror lighting system, the quantity of light, the distribution of light from those sources, apparent source size, brightness, colour rendering, and correlated colour temperature.


Due 16 March 2015

ANSI E1.30-4 - 2010, EPI 26. Device Description Language (DDL) Extensions for DMX512 and E1.31 Devices.

ANSI E1.30-4 - 2010 is being considered for reaffirmation. It is a part of BSR E1.30-201x, Application level equipment interoperability for control of commonly encountered entertainment technology devices using ANSI E1.17. This part defines protocol-specific extensions to ANSI E1.17's Device Description Language for describing DMX512-type devices  

14th January 2015

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