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SGM G-Spot animation for Paris ice rink

SGM G-Spot animation for Paris ice rink

France - Every year, Mairie de Paris (Paris City Hall) turns the square in front of the building into an ice rink for the citizens of Paris to enjoy ice skating during the winter. This year technical audiovisual specialist, NOVELTY Group, decided to add enhancements to the traditional Christmas animation on the ice rink, and after conducting stringent testing on the SGM G-Spot LED moving head, placing it under a shower for three days, they were convinced by the IP-rating of the luminaire.

Supported by Sonoss, SGM’s local partner, this year’s festive installation went very smoothly. “This is typically the kind of site where it would have been very hard and expensive to install waterproof domes to protect standard moving lights, and thus making advanced animation impossible,” says Vincent Criulanscy, Product & Project Manager at Sonoss. He further adds that domes do not protect against moisture and thereby corrosion inside fixtures, and why permanent maintenance would have been required, which could only have been achieved at night time. This costly affair is avoided by deployment of the only IP65 moving head on the market.

“It is very noticeable that the 850W LED engine performs so remarkably in a very bright white environment, with a colourful output and gobo animation,” Criulanscy concludes.

The six G-Spots have been running flawlessly for one month now under cold winter conditions, and both Paris City Hall and the many daily visitors are more than satisfied with this new LED solution.

27th January 2015

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