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SGM P-5 washes water fountains for The Circle of Light

SGM P-5 washes water fountains for The Circle of Light

Russia – SGM’s P-5 wash lights demonstrated their applicability as waterproof luminaires at the recent International Festival of Light in Moscow. Fountain specialist Aqua-Show was tasked with installing two lines of fountains and creating a 3D world of water for laser projection. They needed to illuminate the fountains with water reaching heights up to 30 metres, and for that they selected the powerful RGBW P-5.

Water show lighting designer and design engineer of the fountain system, Korzakov Anton, explains: “This is our first experience in using LED light for creating a wash effect on the water. Previously, we have not found such a fixture in our rental market with this huge light output. All our previous attempts have been unsuccessful and for many years we have only used conventional lights.”

The multishow took place at the Ostankino Tower, Russia’s national TV building for Channel 1, returning for the fourth time to the city of Moscow. One fountain complex measured 18 metres long, equipped with 16 P-5s and installed on the stage, while the other was 52 metres, equipped with 26 P-5s and installed on the lake 30 metres behind the stage.

Rental company Spin Music Service supplied the 42 LED fixtures matching all the requirements of Aqua-Show. “The light weight of the P-5 influenced our decision as well as the huge light output, but the main and favourite feature of the P-5 is the IP65 rating, as they are exposed to water from the fountains and the fixtures had to work a full week in these conditions,” informs Anton.

The lighting designer has previously seen the P-5 in use for architectural installations, but never before in connection with water, and the result was stunning and received great reviews.

Famous lighting designer Yury Krasilnikov undertook this entire grandiose event, comprising water, laser and pyrotechnic shows as well as artists and water performances, culminating in a beautiful fireworks display.

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21st January 2015

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