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An illuminating performance Later… with Aurora Lighting Hire

An illuminating performance Later… with Aurora Lighting Hire

UK – Aurora Lighting Hire proudly return to the studio with LD Chris Rigby for premier BBC music show, Later… with Jools Holland.

Recorded in front of a live audience at the Maidstone Studios, Later… is serious about its music and key consideration is given to the lighting throughout all aspects of the production.

With the studio audience instructed to wear dark clothing so not to detract from the performance, the brief for the show is to allow the music to speak for itself and for the lighting to subtly complement, rather than overpower the musical content.

To achieve the range of looks required to accompany the eclectic mix of artists and musical styles, Aurora has provided LD Chris Rigby with a range of automated heads and a selection of LEDs that allow the versatility to illuminate both the ‘floating’ set pieces and the stage floor, whether it be large scale rock or an intimate choral performance.

The installation features over 100 automated heads including Martin MAC 575 and Vari*Lite VL300 spots that allow Chris the creative freedom to quickly shift between moods. Martin MAC Aura Washes and Rush PAR 2s assist in illuminating the minimalist set whilst the LD added Clay Paky Goldenscan HPE for classic ‘ice cold’ HMI beams that dissect the layers of colour.

Aurora also supplied a host of LED fixtures plus Martin’s MAC Quantum Wash, both of which help the company fulfill its commitment to seeking out energy efficient solutions compatible with the Albert sustainability programme.

Now in its 47th Season, Later… with Jools Holland remains a flagship vehicle for some of the worlds finest and far reaching musical performance.

14th October 2015

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