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Bandit Brings Lights to the ‘Sounds and Color’ Of Alabama Shakes

Bandit Brings Lights to the ‘Sounds and Color’ Of Alabama Shakes

USA – Alabama Shakes, the critically acclaimed American rock band with the distinct soulful sound, is on the road with a lighting package provided by Bandit Lites. The band is currently promoting their sophomore album Sound & Color, a record Rolling Stone Magazine called, “weirder, woozier, fiercer and sexier record than their debut in nearly every way.”

With an album name conjuring such visceral imagery, lighting director Conor Jacob explained the band wanted the lighting to have a theatrical feel.

“The band is so powerful, the show in itself is an intense thing with no lights,” admitted Jacob. “I wanted to earn their trust by creating environment that felt good to them on stage, and felt good to me out front.”

The result is a dynamic but understated lighting package, consisting of VL 3000 Spots and VL 3500 Washes for backlight and key light. Bandit also provided an Avolites Tiger Touch II + wing and a backup console.

“We used a white cyc upstage behind a scrim, and illuminated from the top and bottom with 20 Chroma-Q Color Force 48s,” said Jacob. “Twenty Mac Auras on stage provided the low glow I was looking for, and right upstage were eight Robe BMFLs.”

Once the conception was decided for the lighting design, the time frame to bring it to life was a short one.

“Brent Barrett and Shawn Lear were hugely valuable in this process, not just in pulling the system together for us but also with general sound advice on the finessing of the project,” said Jacob.

Production manager Shane Haase added: “Bandit Lites has been an excellent resource as our lighting vision has grown. The band has never wanted the lights be a focal point of the production, which can prove to be difficult to implement as we grow into small to medium amphitheatres. Thanks to Conor's insight and Bandit's resources, we've been able to get on the right track with a show that is theatrically dramatic without losing the punch of a rock show. We've pulled new fixtures, old fixtures, and Bandit's GRN fixtures throughout the year to deliver a beautiful show despite diverse intricacies that can cause derailment. Many thanks go out to everyone at the Bandit team, both seen and unseen, who have had a hand in helping the Alabama Shakes portray their vision throughout the year!”

Jacob shared that his time in Bandit’s Nashville shop was a ‘positive experience’ citing Bandit’s great range of fixtures and attention to details.

“I felt they gave care and attention to this project and everything was super well prepared,” he said. “Once we were on the road, we swapped out one fixture on the whole run, which is a testament to how well-maintained everything is. I look forward to dealing with Brent and Shawn in the future.”

Bandit’s Brent Barrett echoed Jacob’s sentiments saying: “I have enjoyed the opportunity of getting to know Shane, and now Conor. The current lighting design is a great example of fixture selections that accomplish a variety of distinctive looks without requiring a larger number of lights. We look forward to continuing the development of this relationship with these gentleman and Alabama Shakes!”

13th October 2015

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