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Doughty shines a light on Elgin High School

Doughty shines a light on Elgin High School

UK - When the drama facility at Elgin High School in Moray, Scotland underwent refurbishment earlier this year, Jock Wallace, installations manager at Edinburgh-based Black Light was asked to devise a way of providing raised and lower lighting within the studios. With cost and ease of use being significant factors, Jock turned to Doughty Engineering to build a bespoke solution.

Jock explained: "Having worked with the team at Doughty on several other educational projects, I had no hesitation in recommending them to FES Facilities Management, our client who was in charge of the refurbishment."

He continued: "Having looked at various other options, the Doughty Lighting Hoist ticked all the boxes – well priced and designed with the end user in mind. It also has the option of single phase power which made sense for this specific application, saving us time and money on wiring up the hoist."

The Doughty Lighting Hoist can comprise four, six or eight wires with a safe working loads ranging from 140kg - 200kg. Doughty hoists can be specified from 2m - 12m. In this instance Doughty manufactured a bespoke 6m length for Elgin High School, complete with six sockets and a DMX control point. The standard operating drop is 6m, but again longer drops can be accommodated on request. All hoists can be supplied with either 48mm barrels or Doughty Studio Rail for mounting luminaires.

With the install taking place during the school holidays, the hoist is now in regular use. Jock continued: "The FES team were delighted with the solution Doughty provided for this project. It's why I recommend Doughty time and again – they understand the issues faced by schools regarding working at height and appreciate that school budgets aren't limitless. Based on the requirements and the budgets presented to them, the Doughty team will always do their utmost to come up with a solution which satisfies all the requirements."

9th October 2015

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