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Elation Platinum FLX Wins PLASA 2015 Award for Innovation

Elation Platinum FLX Wins PLASA 2015 Award for Innovation
Elation Platinum FLX Wins PLASA 2015 Award for Innovation

Elation Professional’s multi-functional Platinum FLX hybrid spot/beam/wash moving head has been acknowledged by the lighting industry as exceptional innovation, winning an Award for Innovation at the 2015 PLASA Awards held Monday evening, October 5th at the ExCel Exhibition Center in London.

Honouring the most ground-breaking products of PLASA London 2015, the Platinum FLX was recognised for its innovative technology and new approach to hybrid lighting. The judges commended the Platinum FLX as: "A versatile moving light that solves a number of problems in one fixture. The spot/beam/wash hybrid design uses clever mechanical engineering that actually delivers a usable result in a manageable size and budget."

Unique in the industry, the Platinum FLX’s patent-pending dual optical system gives it clear advantages over traditional hybrid systems – a uniform and brighter Spot field (2.9° to 25°), a narrower beam angle and brighter central point in beam mode (1.8° - 18°), and a higher-quality flat field wash effect (6.0° to 42°) with an intelligent optical system that can switch between modes quickly and accurately. Housing a full set of professional design features, its 470W Philips MSD Platinum 20R lamp delivers up to 20,000 lumens of power while still providing an energy efficient solution.

On hand to accept the award were Elation President Toby Velazquez and Elation sales director Eric Loader. “We’re extremely pleased that the FLX has been recognised for its outstanding optical system and are thrilled to have won a PLASA Award for Innovation in back to back years,” stated Elation sales director Eric Loader. “The Platinum FLX offers unique benefits that have raised the quality level of multi-functional lights and we’re excited to see how designers will use it in their designs.”

The award-winning Platinum FLX is available for purchase now through Elation’s worldwide partner network.

7th October 2015

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