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ETC at PLASA 2015

ETC at PLASA 2015
ETC at PLASA 2015

For the first time at PLASA, ETC showed rigging, which is new to Europe, in addition to their usual range of lighting and power control lines.

On stand B40 – with its now famous upside down, ceiling-mounted sword fight – the company’s award winning range of Source Four LED fixtures were joined by the new, budget-friendly ColorSource line.

Source Four LED fixtures are available in full colour, and both cool and warm whites; with their exceptional colour rendering and flicker-free output, they are quickly becoming the luminaire of choice for TV studios and theatres alike.

The ColorSource range is made up of ColorSource PAR, ColourSource Spot and – seen for the first time at PLASA – the ColorSource Relay. Ideal for venues which need good quality basic colour, but whose finances may already be stretched to their limit, ColorSource takes basic RGB emitters, and adds a lime green to help fill in gaps in the colour spectrum which would not otherwise be reachable.

The ColorSource PAR luminaire was awarded the coveted Lighting Product of the Year award at the ABTT Theatre Show 2015, with the ABTT’s CEO Robin Townley commenting that this is: “An extremely usable product for the price tag.”

The new ColorSource Relay power-control system, which was launched at PLASA, is a budget-friendly solution for data distribution and system infrastructure, particularly for smaller-sized venues. In combination with the ColorSource Transmitter, you can also use any DMX- or RDM-compatible device to create a completely wireless theatrical rig.

The new Eos and Cobalt Programming Wings can be plugged into a computer via USB, providing the full programming controls from the Gio and Cobalt consoles in a portable package. Each wing contains playback and fader controls, parameter encoders and level and rate controls.

The new ETC Eos v2.3 software was also available for demonstration. Providing a unique range of new colour control options, v2.3 also joins Cobalt in supporting the OSC (Open Show Control) protocol, allowing two way communication between networked devices.

Across the aisle, on stand B50, ETC’s new rigging range was on show for the first time at PLASA. The range has already received rave reviews from users, who are keen to obtain turnkey hardware packages from dealers. A range of different rigging equipment, all of which comes with ETC’s famous round the clock support via phone or online, was busy with demonstrations throughout the show.

On Sunday 4th October, ETC’s associate regional manager for UK and Ireland, Jeremy Roberts, joined the National Theatre’s lighting control supervisor Dan Murfin, in a seminar discussing how ETC has been working on improving the control of colour-changing fixtures, with the aim of making LED lighting as natural and easy to use as tungsten.

A second seminar on Monday saw Luke Delwiche and Sam Smallman showing how OSC can be used to bring lighting to life. For people who were unable to attend, or who want to know more, there is an opportunity to sign up to attend a workshop at ETC’s west London offices, which is set to be held later in the month.

As always, ETC also supported the Theatres Trust stand at PLASA – this year, with the loan of six ColorSource PAR fixtures and a SmartFade ML control desk. These give a first hand demonstration of just how powerful and versatile the two can be when used for a small stage.

5th October 2015

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