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First Landmark Festival Held Under Bandit Lighting

First Landmark Festival Held Under Bandit Lighting
First Landmark Festival Held Under Bandit Lighting

USA – It was a music festival unlike any other: in the shadows of the Nation’s iconic monuments and steps away from The Reflecting Pool, tens of thousands gathered at the inaugural Landmark Music Festival. Bandit Lites provided the festival lighting for the event which worked to raise awareness for the upkeep of the National Park’s monuments.

Smash hip hop recording artist Drake was able to bring a festival lighting system and hook into the pre-rigged motor system consisting of 92 one-ton and nine two-ton motors, allowing for a quick in and out show. Following Drake’s load out, Bandit brought in a rig designed by Seth Jackson and the lighting system for another headlining act, The Strokes.

The festival systems included two 48’ and one 40’ Tyler truss and housed VL 3500 Spots, VL 3500 Washes and VL 3000 Spots. Sharpys and Atomic Strobes cut through the big looks with beams and strikes, giving the visiting lighting directors the versatility to create their own unique looks.

“The Strokes had an old school appeal in the air with intense LEDs and bright cross stage washes,” said Bandit project manager Shawn Lear. “Upstage were five 6-light par bars across the back truss with two rows hung below and two banks for the right and left. Solaris Flares and the Sharpy Wash fixtures acted as floor lights, challenging the incandescent of the par rig above.”

grandMA 2 series consoles controlled the systems for the festival and the Strokes’ set. Additionally, Bandit provided Syncro Light Arena Colors for the side PA scrims and VL 3500 spots to crop in the header banner, allowing the system to stay independent of the show and be controlled by a MA1 Lite. Bandit also covered the motors for ALT J and Go Visions video wall.

With the festival sprawled out across the National Mall, Bandit lit two additional stages provided to maximise performances from the event’s 40 performers. Three Tyler Truss prepped with VL 3500 Washes, VL 3000 Spots, VL 35000 Spots, Sharpys and Atomic Strobes gave the touring lighting directors whose clients performed on the Miller Stage an opportunity to create both big payoff looks and moodier ballads.

The VW Stage had forty foot trusses lined with Mac 2K Wash and Profiles with 8 light moles on the DS truss. GRN Lite Battens and Atomic Strobes gave a layered lighting look down from the midstage and upstage truss, with a Grand MA1 Series Console controlling from FOH.

In addition to the festival stages, Bandit also lit the landscape of West Potomac Park with more than 200 GRN Lite Pars and Battens. As night fell on the capitol, attendees experienced stunning looks in the surrounding tree lines with splashes of vivid colors and changing scenery.

“The success of this event couldn’t have been done without the professionalism and expertise of Seth Jackson. Crew Chief Shawn Worlow has an outstanding work ethic in the coordination of the 101 motors that were hung, and the integration as other touring acts came in and worked around the headliners systems,” said Shawn Lear. “We are so proud of our entire crew, from lighting directors John Lucksinger, Terese Fensler, Jim ‘Rosie’ Greenawalt, to the lighting technicians Jeff Archibeque, Shane Harrington, Trevor Figle, Julie Cox, Jessie Hochinyavong, Hap Prater and Scott Wesson.”

6th October 2015

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