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Reunited: Spandau Ballett tours with grandMA2

Reunited: Spandau Ballett tours with grandMA2
Reunited: Spandau Ballett tours with grandMA2

Formed in London in the late 1970s, Spandau Ballet is an English band, part of the ‘new wave’ of UK pop inspired by the New Romantic movement, and became one of the most successful groups to emerge during this era. The debut single, To Cut a Long Story Short, which reached No. 5 in the UK in 1980 was the first of ten UK Top 10 hits including a No. 1 single True, a No. 2 single Gold, and two No. 3 singles: Chant No. 1 and Only When You Leave. The band split in 1990 and reunited in 2009.

Recently they played their “Soulboys of the Western World” world tour with a lighting and stage design by Patrick Woodroffe.

The lighting was operated by lighting director and programmer Roland Greil using two grandMA2 full-size consoles and four MA NPU (Network Processing Unit) which were controlling nearly 130 moving lights and, among others, 315 LED panels.

Says Roland: “It was our intention to have a straight and elegant design that could provide theatrical as well as rock & roll looks. Therefore we focused on using only three different types of moving lights, amongst them Clay Paky Mythos and Philips Vari*Lite VL3500 Washes; that offered the flexibility we needed. Furthermore, the grandMA2 system was a great choice and proved once more its advantages and power, especially when adapting the show to various different lighting systems in the given time frame during the summer shows.”

The associate designer was Terry Cook, the lighting crew chief in the UK and Italy was Olli James, the lighting crew chief in Germany was Stu Lee and the summer shows' lighting crew chief was Damo Coad. The lighting technicians on the road with the tour consisted of Dave Prior, Stu Lee, Craig Mc Donald, Dana Read and Foxy. PRG supplied the lighting and PRG-Nocturne the video equipment. Chris Hillson was the video director and Mel von der Decken the video racks engineer. John Martin worked as production director. Phay MacMahon and Danny Spratt were production managers.

Ambersphere Solutions Ltd is the distributor of MA Lighting in the UK.


Reunited: Spandau Ballett tours with grandMA2Reunited: Spandau Ballett tours with grandMA2

21st October 2015

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