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Triple E supplies ModTruss to Lyon Equipment for 'Work at Height' training

Triple E supplies ModTruss to Lyon Equipment for \'Work at Height\' training

UK Triple E has supplied a 12" ModTruss Rigging Structure to Cumbria-based Work at Height specialist Lyon Equipment for use as a platform for its Work at Height and rescue training.

The Lyon team first discovered ModTruss – the 'universal building system' likened to full size Meccano – at the ABTT Theatre Show at Alexandra Palace in June, where it was named 'Engineering Product of the Year'. Lyon Equipment's Ben Alderson used Triple E's Fly Tower, constructed from ModTruss, to carry out rescue demonstrations using Petzl and Lyon Work at Height and rescue equipment.

"When we first set up our systems, we were instantly impressed with how easy ModTruss was to climb on – the design of the product allows the user to climb it in a similar manner to a ladder," says Alderson. "The size of the smaller holes, certainly on the 12" section, means the user can attach themselves directly to the ModTruss with a karabiner/connector and lanyard. This helps reduce the weight of the user's system and prevents having to carry extra kit."

As well as being the UK and Ireland distributors for Petzl Equipment and many other leading brands, Lyon Equipment's premises offer a large purpose-built training centre from where it provides a wide variety of training courses for all things Work at Height related. Courses include Level 1 to 3 Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) qualifications and specific courses designed for the theatre and entertainment industry. Lyon has now installed the ModTruss structure, supplied by Triple E, which is the exclusive UK distributor of ModTruss.

"One of the main reasons for constructing ModTruss for the training area was because of its versatility in terms of how it can be assembled and the fact it is fully rated for people to climb/stand on it," Alderson continues. "We also felt ModTruss would really help people who want Work at Height training for the entertainment sector as it gives them another form of structure/scenario they may not have come across before."

It is not just the Entertainment related courses that will benefit Lyon as the ModTruss structure will help create different scenarios/challenges for IRATA training as well as Police and other Emergency Services Work at Height courses.

"We frequently provide Work at Height and rescue training for technicians in the entertainment and theatre sectors, and will no doubt make good use of the ModTruss, so it's looking like a pretty busy time for our new structure already!" says Alderson. "In terms of future projects, ModTruss has the potential to become a permanent trade show stand for us. We're looking forward to working much more with ModTruss, and playing with different configurations to see what we can achieve."

New to the UK, ModTruss is set to revolutionise the theatre staging, set building, stage machinery, scenery, construction and event markets.

The system features lightweight aluminium construction and a repetitious hole pattern, meaning applications are practically unlimited. The ModTruss product line lends itself to create endless configurations using standard accessories, and allows ideas that once took extensive custom design and fabrication to be constructed incredibly simply, easily, and speedily.

Example uses of the ModTruss include: construction of stage scenery including multi-level designs, stage machinery modules, complete modular fly tower/stage house construction, temporary structure design and construction, pop-up theatre construction indoor and outdoor, event stages indoor and outdoor, sporting event viewing platforms, broadcast commentary and camera positions. ModTruss can also span long distances and maintain high point loads with laminated construction technique.

Triple E supplies ModTruss to Lyon Equipment for \'Work at Height\' training Triple E supplies ModTruss to Lyon Equipment for \'Work at Height\' training

29th October 2015

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