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Yamaha and Nexo Bring The Emotion Of Lucio Battisti To Fondi

Yamaha and Nexo Bring The Emotion Of Lucio Battisti To Fondi
Yamaha and Nexo Bring The Emotion Of Lucio Battisti To Fondi

Italy – Seventeen years after his death, the music of Lucio Battisti, one of Italy’s best-loved singer/songwriters, is in greater demand than ever. It is kept alive on stage by Gianmarco Carroccia, singing, interpreting and paying tribute to his legacy. In late August Carroccia’s current Emozioni (Emotion) tour played a major outdoor show in the city of Fondi, where a comprehensive Yamaha and Nexo system was appreciated by 6000 passionate Battisti fans.

Carroccia bears an uncanny resemblance to Battisti and, alongside him, the three-hour music and speech recital in Fondi’s Piazza De Gasperi featured 18 musicians and Giulio Rapetti, aka Mogol, Battisti’s friend and songwriting partner from 1966 to 1981. Technical production was by Sperlonga-based Remix Sound, under the watchful eye of company boss Riccardo De Simone.

The front of house mix was taken care of by Michele De Simone on a Yamaha CL5, monitors were mixed on a QL5 by Simon Chiumera, with the brass section, strings, drums, backing vocals and piano using Yamaha DSR12 active loudspeakers for monitoring.

The PA comprised 12 elements of Nexo GEO S12 and four NEXO RS18 subs, with Yamaha IF2108 front fills, powered by Yamaha TX5n and TX6n power amplifiers.

A similar show was staged in Sperlonga last year, but this year’s event surpassed even the highest expectations of Riccardo De Simone. “The success of last summer’s event seemed difficult to repeat, but the Piazza De Gasperi amphitheatre was packed like never before and all the people we spoke to said that it was better than 2014,” he says.

“People were describing it as unique, moving and the most intensely emotional production that they had ever heard.”

27th October 2015

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