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Artistic Licence at Lux Live 2015

Artistic Licence at Lux Live 2015
Artistic Licence at Lux Live 2015

UK - Lighting controls expert, Artistic Licence, is preparing to roll-out a raft of new technology at this year’s Lux Live event. The show, which runs for two days, is Europe’s biggest annual lighting event, with over 300 exhibitors and a programme of talks, debates and panel discussions.

Headlining the bill at the Artistic Licence stand (C30) at London's ExCeL Centre is moody, a new programmable wall controller for LED. 

moody looks rather like a conventional dimmer switch, with a simple rotary dial illuminated by a colour LED at the centre. This is not just for show, the LED mimics the colour and intensity of zones of light being programmed or controlled.

The USP of the product is its ability to create sophisticated effects (such as colour fades in multiple zones of light) using the simplest of interfaces, a button that can only be pushed or rotated.

Artistic Licence CEO, Wayne Howell, comments: “The affordability of the control units needed to achieve sophisticated LED effects has not generally kept pace with the fixtures. moody corrects this imbalance, packing in all the functionality of more complex systems at a fraction of the price. Also, many of our customers have told us they don’t want a smartphone app or tablet interface, they just want to be able to push a button on the wall.”

moody is available in a number of variants, all of which feature the illuminated control wheel for colour or intensity, and simple click and rotate programming. 

Selection of the appropriate model enables the following aspects of control:

  • Set the intensity of 1, 6 or 16 channels of white light
  • Set the colour of 1, 3 or ten zones of RGB or RGBW
  • Programme dynamic effects for 1, 3 or ten colour zones
  • moody provides DMX512 and DALI outputs for use with a separate dimmer
  • moody cv provides a built-in constant voltage dimmer for stand-alone operation
  • All variants use human-safe, low voltage DC, so no electrician needed

DALI products are among AL's best-selling lines, so so the company will be previewing a new offering at this year’s show – daliCV6 – a constant voltage PWM dimmer that can drive six white loads or 2 RGB fixtures.  Each set of three channels is rated at 120W and a maximum of 10A.

The product features front panel LED indicators for power, data and individual channel intensity. There is also a warning light that illuminates if the DALI circuit has not been commissioned, an extremely useful feature for installation troubleshooting.

daliCV6 is an ideal partner to moody; in combination, the products provide simple, high-quality dimming and programming of LED installations in which DALI is the preferred control system.

daliCV6 complements the growing range of Artistic Licence DALI products, which include DMX-DALI conversion systems, DALI controlled mains voltage relays and Dali-Scope, a commissioning and test device.

Dali-Scope is a multi-purpose, hand-held tool that is a must-have for anyone working regularly on DALI installations. All DALI ballasts must be commissioned before first use, but this is often overlooked, leading to unexpected extra costs and delays in new installations. 

An industry first, Dali-Scope not only allows commissioning of DALI fixtures without a PC, it can be used to test the bus power supply and simplifies reconfiguration after fixture changes or additions.

The low cost allows both individual and company ownership. Even better, offered at the show is a Lux Live show special of 20% off Dali-Scope sales. Visit the Artistic Licence stand, C30, to purchase Dali-Scope at the reduced price of £228 (ex. VAT). 

Rail-Switch, the popular remote control product has undergone a significant upgrade. Rail-Switch provides six DMX/RDM controlled mains voltage relays in DIN rail format, enabling automated switching of a broad range of devices. The product now features prominent LED indicators for data, power, RDM locate and individual relay state, plus three different operational modes.

Applications include animatronics, fog machines, theatre practicals, cue lights and video remote control.

lightJuice is an entirely new technology range from Artistic Licence. Currently in preview, it promises to fundamentally change the way power, control and monitoring are integrated in modern commercial spaces.

lightJuice eliminates the AC mains wiring that would conventionally power the electrical devices in an IT rich environment, such as a hotel or conference room containing LED feature and task lighting, occupancy sensors, electronic blinds, phones, USB charging points, etc. 

Instead, lightJuice powers and controls the device via the network cable, using the Power over Ethernet (PoE++) international standard. Although still in development, the standard promises power delivery of at least 55W; in practice, the silicon used in lightJuice is already delivering 60-70W. This represents a tipping point for LED applications, as previously Power over Ethernet could deliver no more than about 25W, which is insufficient to power the lights.

LED control is a major theme, with PoE++ enabled constant current and constant voltage dimmers to suit a range of fixtures. lightJuice also includes DMX512 and DALI gateways, enabling conversion to-and-from network protocols, thus opening up the breadth of applications. 

The many benefits of lightJuice include:

  • Elimination of local-level AC wiring, reducing installation costs
  • User-reconfigurable (human safe voltage of less than 60V needs no electrician)
  • Power and control over a range of devices, not just LEDs
  • Bi-directional communications enable monitoring (important for energy efficiency/Part L building regulations)
  • Based on an international standard, so no inter-operability issues

Artistic Licence CEO, Wayne Howell comments: “These are exciting times for our industry. The convergence of lighting and ICT presents tremendous opportunities, and we are looking forward to sharing our enthusiasm for lightJuice in this new arena.”

Visitors wishing to learn more about the opportunities afforded by PoE++ are encouraged to attend Wayne’s seminar at the Strategies in Light Europe event, which is being held in parallel with Lux Live at Excel. Details of seminar, entitled: “Harnessing Power over Ethernet for Smarter Lighting,” are as follows:

Technology Trends & Issues Track, Session 4: Energy Aspects of Lighting Systems.

9th November 2015, 12:00PM – 12:30PM.

Artistic Licence at Lux Live 2015 Artistic Licence at Lux Live 2015

5th November 2015

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