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Hyrljudet Make a Sound Investment in Robe

Hyrljudet Make a Sound Investment in Robe
Hyrljudet Make a Sound Investment in Robe

Sweden – Hyrljudet is a forward-thinking, fast-growing technical production and rental company based in Goteborg and founded in 2005 by Kristoffer Jansson.

Literally translated, the name means ‘Sound Rental’, but Hyrljudet supplies complete production packages incorporating design, sound, lighting and video to a variety of concert tours, music events and corporate clients, with a special interest in the creative and atmospheric engineering of clubs and parties through exciting and challenging visual elements.

The most recent equipment investment has been in 24 of Robe’s Pointe multi-purpose fixtures, which have gone to work over the summer in the two largest of the three separate summer club venues that Hyrljudet is servicing with equipment and crew.

“The Pointe is a good lightweight, medium-sized fixture with great cross-rental potential,” comments Kristoffer. “Looking at the scope and the effects, it’s definitely one of the best solutions on the market right now.”

Twelve Pointes worked the season at the 1500 capacity Port du Soleil in central Goteborg and the other ten went in to Backstage, another popular ‘summer venue’ in the city for around 800 people featuring great electro-dance sounds. Both venues operated three days a week throughout the summer, and everyone was extremely happy with the new lights. All the venue operators enjoyed using the Pointes, even those for whom it was the first Robe encounter.

With the summer clubbing season completed, the Pointes are back in rental stock, although they are never in the warehouse for very long.

The fixtures were supplied by Swedish distributor Bellalite. Account manager Fredrik Wideman has worked with Kristoffer since he started and comments: “It is great to see someone with the attitude and dedication to providing the absolute best service in all respects, and investing in premium equipment alongside some brilliant people.”

Before starting Hyrljudet, Kristoffer became renowned for hosting some of the best underground raves in and around Goteborg, building up a reputation for offering cool music and vibes, which was where he first realised how imperative good sound, lighting and visuals are to creating harmonious environments.

He also started thinking that he could provide better services than the rental companies he was hiring from at the time. With his can-do mentality and positive attitude, Kristoffer started investing in kit, initially to facilitate his own dance party experiences. In doing so, his whole concept became even more successful.

Before long, all the other clubs and party organisations in town were trying to hire his kit and crew when not in use. Still doing his ‘day job’ at the time, Kristoffer realised he was on to something.

He launched the company and started working in a small and sought-after club in the city which developed into a regional go-to hotspot. Hyrljudet’s turnover rocketed and it was time to launch the company as a full-time business.

Since then the company has built up a great selection of clients and an impressive reputation for being creative and bold in its designs, fresh and enthusiastic and delivering great results and standards of excellence.

“When we say it will look and sound good the clients can be absolutely assured that it will,” affirmed Kristoffer. That’s why he’s started investing in Robe!

The company is well known for providing imaginative club lighting, visual and sound designs and equipment, but that sector is currently only 25% of its turnover. The rest comes from corporate events, exhibitions, music tours and festivals, although clubbing is still where its heart is.

Hyrljudet operates from a roomy warehouse in the south of Goteborg, has a full-time staff of eight and a pool of regular freelance engineers who all share the work ethic and vision – and an exceedingly busy work schedule.

In picture: Club Port du Soleil. photos: Louise Stickland

Hyrljudet Make a Sound Investment in RobeHyrljudet Make a Sound Investment in Robe

2nd November 2015

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