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MPC 8ED8 Motion Power Controller

MPC 8ED8 Motion Power Controller

The Motion Power series was conceived as a professional solution for rigging applications with no compromises in terms of ergonomics or safety.

Up to eight 400V AC direct control hoists such as Movecat's BGV D8 ECOlite/ECO/Compact hoists as well as D8 Plus hoists such as the Pluslite/Plus/Plus-C can be controlled and supervised.

The controller is equipped with eight adjustable motor-protection circuit breakers, an all-pin main switch and an integrated RCD circuit breaker with a 30mA trip current for personal protection. The controller therefore meets EN requirements and can be connected directly to the power supply all over Europe without further safety equipment.

Other safety elements include a phase loss, phase sequence and under-voltage monitoring module and the Movecat M-Link system with which, in combination with other controllers of the E, I and T series, large system networks with up to 64 drives can be operated centrally and safely. All the elements are arranged sequentially to form a ‘safety chain’, so that an operating failure leads automatically to all connected drives coming to a halt.

Control is effected by a remote operating unit, the MRC 8ED8. The run direction is selected using eight robust rotary controls with clear tactile feedback, the run activated using a central GO button and the Emergency Stop function implemented by a function-illuminated button in accordance with EN 13849-1.

The eight-unit motor controller is designed in accordance with the BGV D8 and D8 Plus / igvw SQ P2 standards and several versions for different motor power levels are available. The controller corresponds to the current EN 60 204-32, EN 13 849-1 and VDE 0113 guidelines.

11th November 2015

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