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On The Right Track – POLARaudio and Wyrestorm Go Karting

On The Right Track – POLARaudio and Wyrestorm Go Karting

UK – POLARaudio recently teamed up with one of its leading brands, Wyrestorm, to stage an event for valued customers that combined a morning of technical education, some tasty food and an afternoon of track-based competition. The event took place at Daytona Motorsport in Milton Keynes on a day where the weather tried its best but completely failed to dampen the enthusiasm of all present. Consolidating and developing customer awareness of Wyrestorm's full range of products was first on the agenda. The Wyrestorm team ran through a series of talks and product demonstrations that fully engaged the very receptive audience, before proceedings were adjourned for vital pre-race fuelling in the form of an excellent lunch. Duly fortified with a better knowledge of Wyrestorm's technologies (and some splendid gourmet burgers) it was then time for all parties to make their way trackside, having first been drilled in safety and track etiquette by the Daytona professionals.

Competition was intense and the difficult conditions saw some considerable skill on display as well as the odd unintended change of direction. For the record many of the top drivers emerged from Wyrestorm's ranks, prompting some observers to conclude that AV training wasn't the only training they'd been involved in.

The winners however were Simon Toleman and Ian Clarke of Twisted Pair with Alex Martin and James Meredith of Wyrestorm in second place. Crispin Piney of Smartcomm and Phil Gibbs of Wyrestorm took the third podium position.

Whilst his drivers did not trouble the judges, Stuart Leader, installation manager at POLARaudio was delighted with the day: "All who attended had a great time. Wyrestorm's presentations were universally agreed to be very illuminating and the racing was, as you might expect, a huge hit with everyone. The event was a good platform to provide customers with a useful insight into Wyrestorm's excellent product range, as well as giving all parties the chance to get together and have some serious fun. We'll be looking to ensure that our track skills match our installation expertise next time!"

18th November 2015

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