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Pulse and Bandit Illuminate Jason Isbell

Pulse and Bandit Illuminate Jason Isbell
Pulse and Bandit Illuminate Jason Isbell

USA – Jason Isbell is not new to the music scene by any definition, but the immensely talented singer/songwriter is shattering new records, as last October, Isbell performed four sold out shows at the historic Auditorium, a feat never before done in the music venue’s history. Bandit Lites teamed up with lighting design firm PULSE Lighting to provide gear for the striking set which gives the illusion of an interior of a church (fitting for his soulful rock sound).

“The design's key feature are three custom fabricated stained glass windows that incorporate the artist's logo,” said lighting designer Michael Cummings. “The artist wanted a classic look that could also be explosive without the over use of movement or effects.”

To accomplish that ‘explosive look,’ 18 GLP X4S, chosen for their compact size, low weight and high output, provide general band wash, while 12 GLP X4 Bar 10s are used as both beams and a curtain of light as part of the floor package. Additionally, five Altman 18’ Scoops push tungsten energy through the band.

With this being the first tour for Isbell to include a lighting package, Cummings worked to choose fixtures that would be both multi-purpose and cost-effective, saying: “The GLP units are very affordable, yet extremely versatile which allowed us to provide a great rig at a reasonable cost to our client.”

Jason Isbell’s new tour is just one of many new joint ventures with Pulse and Bandit, and partnership that couples Bandit’s quality of service and attention to detail with PULSE’s creativity and ingenuity.

The PULSE and Bandit alliance is proving to be a very symbiotic partnership,” said Bandit’s Brent Barrett. “It is great to again be working with Michael Cummings as well as beginning new relationships with others in the PULSE team.”

“The Bandit team worked very diligently with our PULSE team to help us deliver a well prepped and functional system to our client,” echoed Cummings. “PULSE has now partnered with Bandit on several tours, and we foresee many more collaborations in the future.” 

19th November 2015

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