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Shapeshifters Elevate Motley Crue Farewell Tour

Shapeshifters Elevate Motley Crue Farewell Tour
Shapeshifters Elevate Motley Crue Farewell Tour

USA – The marathon Motley Crue Farewell Tour has rocked incredibly hard for the past 18 months, and will culminate with the band playing their final show in Los Angeles on New Year's Eve. For the last legs of the tour, production company Christie Lites added High End Systems Shapeshifters to the show, bringing a new layer of visual energy to the tour. Lighting designer Sooner Routhier comments: "We discussed the possibility of adding Shapeshifter C1s to the Motley Crue design, soon after we put SolaSpots on Imagine Dragons. It's a great showcase for Shapeshifters on the road, because Motley Crue needs a fixture like that. It's a big powerful wash light that can deliver some cool effects so that every song can have something different going on with the wash lights. It seemed to be the perfect marriage, and they're working perfectly out there."

Lighting director/programmer Matt Mills explains: "Sooner did the initial lighting design when we started in June of 2014, and we've been progressing along since then. Production manager Robert Long and I decided we needed to sort out a new design as we were hitting some of the same markets, so we started piecing elements together when we were touring Japan and Australia earlier this year. Sooner approached us about the possibility of adding 40 Shapeshifters to the rig. I started programming them into the plot - and they work great in the rig. They blow everybody away; I get more and more people coming up to me after the show saying 'what the hell was that'?

"When I first saw Shapeshifter I thought they'd be perfect for the EDM market, but perhaps not with Motley Crue. We wanted a big LED wash fixture, and they ended up being a thousand times more. The rig consists of a rooftop of the larger Christie Lites Swing Wing truss - we have four of those hanging above everything; we had to keep the centre of it wide open, because of the logistics of getting ‘The Crucifly'  to fly. This year we wanted to have a wide open lane for those guys. The Crucifly is officially the spine of the rig, and then there are trusses coming off that to give a rib cage type of look. Under that we have smaller trusses hanging at different angles about ten feet below. I have Shapeshifters placed up above, and I mirrored it below, filling in the gaps with some spot fixtures and strobes. I have a similar thing going on way out in the wings – to widen the stage some. It turned out really good. We kept looking at it in Vectorworks, poking at it for a while, and we finally said, ‘let's just do it and see what it looks like'. It blew everybody away, and we're really happy with it."

"One of my favourite Shapeshifter looks is just using the centre line of the LEDs to get this really cool rock & roll ACL look out of it. I found myself overusing it a little bit so I backed off a bit. I'll even end songs with it, where I dissolve to a no colour ACL stab, and then sweep them up into the crowd and fade them out at that point. Other times I just them as a really bright 'finger of God' tight wash light coming down on the guys. I'll even flood them out a bit, just to the point where you start to see beam separation and make them a little fatter as well. The output is really incredibly bright and the colours are great. As is typical of any three-colour LED fixture, it took a bit of time to mix the white I prefer, and a CTO and CTB as well. There's no colour that I say 'if only I could get this out of it' - it definitely hits all the spectrums I need for a rock & roll show."

Shapeshifters Elevate Motley Crue Farewell TourShapeshifters Elevate Motley Crue Farewell Tour

19th November 2015

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