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Solaris Mozarts Highlight Mötley Crüe Drum Coaster

Solaris Mozarts Highlight Mötley Crüe Drum Coaster
Solaris Mozarts Highlight Mötley Crüe Drum Coaster

Featured on the current Mötley Crüe “final” world tour is Tommy Lee’s Crüecifly overhead drum kit 'coaster', highlighted by 24 Solaris LED Mozarts. The Mozarts, mounted on the underside of the drum riser, are the perfect 'eye-candy' to highlight Lee’s solos as he rolls high in the air on an elaborate 'roller coaster' of truss.

A total redesign from previous tours, planning for the show began last February between Matt Mills, Robert Long, and Sooner Routhier. “We searched for a while for something to put under the drum riser,” explains tour lighting designer, Matt Mills. “We had several ideas, but when I saw the Mozarts at InfoComm in Orlando it was a simple decision. We bolted them to the underside of Tommy’s drum riser and use them for video pixel-mapping, controlled via wireless DMX sent to a receiver located with the drum kit.” Tommy Lee’s 11-minute Crüecifly has no onboard power; once he 'takes off' a UPS backup battery runs everything.

Mills adds: “The Mozarts are exactly what we needed to add a bit more excitement to the already over-the-top Crüecifly. After mounting them under the riser last summer, we haven’t touched them since! They’ve performed perfectly. Not a single problem.”

Christie Lites provided the lighting for the tour, including the Mozarts. Called “the perfect pixel,” Mozarts have been seen on the Usher UR Experience tour, the Beyoncé Jay Z On the Run HBO Concert Special, the 2015 Grammy Awards, The X-Factor UK finals, and hit TV shows such as The Voice and America’s Got Talent. The compact, low-profile RGB Mozart is extremely versatile and fits in the palm of a hand. At only 1¼ lb., the Mozart is ideal for low weight load-bearing structures and surfaces, and it’s IP65 rated.

26th November 2015

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