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Steve Lieberman Adds Colour to Entrance at Drai’s Las Vegas with Iluminarc

Steve Lieberman Adds Colour to Entrance at Drai’s Las Vegas with Iluminarc
Steve Lieberman Adds Colour to Entrance at Drai’s Las Vegas with Iluminarc

USA – The driving force behind some of the world’s most iconic clubs and the producer of movies like “Weekend at Bernie’s” and “The Man With One Red Shoe,” Victor Drai has an undeniable talent for turning dreams into reality. One vividly beautiful and exciting example of this ability is Drai’s Beachclub • Nightclub, a magical vision come to life that was recently made even more compelling with the addition of artfully placed colour changing fixtures from Iluminarc.

The only venue of its kind in Las Vegas, the indoor/outdoor rooftop club was inspired, as Drai later told the press, by earlier visits he made to the top of what is now The Cromwell boutique hotel in Las Vegas to watch New Year’s fireworks. Marvelling at the view of The Strip from 11 storeys above the ground, Drai envisioned the ultimate nightclub on the roof. That’s precisely what he delivered, creating a 70,000 sq. ft. indoor/outdoor rooftop paradise with over 150 VIP tables, 35’ natural palm trees, eight pools, two VIP balconies, four 35’ dance poles, four bars and a gourmet kitchen. The one-of-a-kind venue has also established itself as a leader in nightlife entertainment with the launch of Drai’s LIVE, a series of full 45+ minute concerts by internationally acclaimed performers to include resident artists such as The Weeknd, Chris Brown and others.

However, even dreams that come true must constantly evolve. Recently, Drai’s took another step to enhance the guest experience when it asked Steve Lieberman of SJ Lighting to replace a collection of warm white fixtures with color changing LED pods. This transformation took place at the entrance to Drai’s Beachclub and at the venue’s main outdoor DJ booth.

“We took out the white arc lights at the entrance and replaced them with Iluminarc Colorist Pod 18QA fixtures,” said Lieberman, who also did the original lighting at the famous club. “The Iluminarc fixtures were our first choice for the design, but they were swapped out for the warm white light products. After seeing the white light in this kind of setting, though, everyone agreed that colour would be more appropriate for creating the ambiance we were after.”

High output fixtures (2,232 lux at five metres) powered by 15 Watt RGBA LEDs, the Colorist Pod 18QAs were positioned about 25 feet from the entryway arch that leads from the indoor club to Drai’s Beachclub. “As guests are entering the beachclub you want to convey the message that they’re walking into a special kind of place,” said Lieberman. “You can do this much more evocatively with richly coloured light than you can with white light.”

Lieberman is impressed with the versatility, colour and output of the pod fixtures. “Their output is absolutely fine from the distance where we have them positioned,” he said. “We are streaking the walls with them. They add another level of excitement to the design. We’re not having to use multiple fixtures to get the kinds of looks we want. We’re able to do everything just with them, dialling them into our main system.”

In addition to illuminating the archway between the two sections of the club, Iluminarc Colorist Pod 18QA fixtures are being used to illuminate the main DJ booth in the beachclub. “Color is again the key factor in the decision to do this,” said Lieberman. “It’s just much better for the ambience of the club when the DJ booth is immersed in these rich colours.”

The IP65 rating of the Iluminarc Colorist Pod 18QA was also a key factor in the decision to install the units. “Being in what’s basically an outdoor environment, the fixtures not only have to be invulnerable to moisture, they also need to be protected against the fine dust you get in Las Vegas,” said Lieberman. “Mostly, though, the Colorist pods contribute to the ambience at the club. You can’t easily explain how replacing some warm white lights with eight color fixtures can make such a big difference, but when you see it you understand. It’s a matter or experience.”

Steve Lieberman Adds Colour to Entrance at Drai’s Las Vegas with IluminarcSteve Lieberman Adds Colour to Entrance at Drai’s Las Vegas with Iluminarc

3rd November 2015

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